Noah Goes National, Five Year Old “Apparently Kid” Is Internet Sensation

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WILKES-BARRE -- So "apparently" a little guy from our area is now a national star, all after a recent Newswatch 16 interview with the five year old at the Wayne County fair!   It's a video clip that's gone viral!

Noah Ritter recently confessed, "I don't watch the news because I'm a kid."

But now this five year old is the news -- national news -- after he swiped the microphone and shined during a Newswatch 16 interview.   It's a show-stopping moment that "apparently" made this little guy a big star, including on Good Morning America.

"Apparently every time grandpa gives me the remote after Powerball."

"He's a reporter in the making, starting every phrase with apparently."

So what does Noah think about going national?   We caught up with him at his grandparents' house in Wilkes-Barre to find out.

"It was great but apparently I was so embarrassed. I was like this embarrassed," he said. "Because apparently, oh, now, now I'm just using the words that I used when I was filmed at the county fair."

Noah's rise to stardom all began Friday at the Wayne County Fair when he did an interview with Newswatch 16's Sofia Ojeda and eventually took over.

"It was great and apparently I have never been on live television before but I don't watch the news."

"Everything's been overwhelming," said Noah's grandfather Jack Borowski. "We went to the fair and we got interviewed and everything unraveled from there."

"Where did you learn the word apparently?"

"I don't know, from my mom, maybe?" Noah replied.

And as it turns out, this soon-to-be kindergartener has a few other favorite adverbs.

"Seriously, sometimes I always fail, seriously," Noah said.

"Can I be honest with you? You're not failing at all today because you're a national superstar today."

And since Noah confessed earlier he does not watch the news but does watch Powerball, has the family ever won?

"No," said Noah's grandfather.

"Apparently, the woman who is giving us lottery tickets is jinxing us," Noah said.

Either way, Noah Ritter is winning big.



  • Thehammer

    Apparently, I saw this on The Daily Show w Jon Stewart last night in the “Moment of Zen” segment at the end.

  • KC

    The Kid is great, the four alarm guy interviewing him is a bit too “fabulous,” distracting and disturbing.

      • Dan

        Oh, you’re referring to Leckey’s interview. You’re right. Sophia did such a nice sweet interview with him and then they unleashed the caffeine-fueled annoying Ryan Leckey on the poor kid. Just couldn’t let it go at the first interview could you? You had to bring “It’s all about me.’ Ryan Leckey into the picture… :(

      • Bill

        I’m not local, but I have to post this…That kid would not have said two words if it was not for the talent of that female reporter. Sofia pulled off the magic trick. These moments are one in a million and very few adults can get kids to open up like that. The fact that she kneeled down to his level and kept engaging him was pure brilliance. Sofia needs more credit here. She was awesome! The follow up reporters just prove how difficult it is…cuz they couldn’t do it. Sofia has a gift folks. She really does. Congrats.

  • Rufus

    This is such a weird piece. Did anyone else feel like the reporter was going to eat Noah’s face when he interviewed him on that couch? And a reporter interviewing another reporter about report = one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

    Noah is great, by the way. He should replace Piers Morgan.

  • Nancy

    Why didn’t Sofia Ojeda go back and interview him? Apparently the news station thought only a man could handle the national story better? Boo on you.

  • PP McGee

    Apparently, somebody spends too much time with grandpa. The poor kid carries himself like an old man, sitting in the American Legion, and griping about “that bum of a mayor”. “Hey Toots, gimmie a shot and a beer! I’ve had a rough day at the petting zoo!”

    • Stay away from the Children

      Viral? What, did you give him something, you sick freak? Stay away from the kids there, Benny Hinn. Nobody needs your diseases. Yuck!

    • Butch Niggins

      Such a bold prediction in this day and age that something may go viral. Apparently you are some kind of a medium

    • Jason Cline

      Apparently he gets an incredible experience that will give him confidence in himself at a very early and impressionable age. I think the ability to discover talent all over the world in places no one would ever be heard from is the real benefit from a networked world. Shame we got it wrong with Justin Bieber.

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