Body Of Baby Found In Trash

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BLYTHE TOWNSHIP -- Police have charged a woman with abuse of corpse and concealing the death of a baby girl.

Tara Paltanavage, 22, is locked up in the Schuylkill County prison.

The coroner tells us the body of a newborn was found in the trash early Tuesday morning along Winfield Drive near Middleport.

State police spent several hours digging through the trash looking for evidence.

At this point, it's not clear how the baby girl died.

"I think it's a horrible thing. How could you do something to that? It's such a precious thing you know, being so little," said neighbor Brittany Burg.

"So many people who want to adopt babies and stuff, to throw it away don't make sense," added Frances Nazar.

Paltanavage is now locked up in Schuylkill County on $250,000 bail.

An autopsy on the baby girl is scheduled for Wednesday.


  • toomany

    Another example of the prevalency of the rampant desensitization pervading this culture, particularly youth. The law says it’s ok to murder and dispose of a child prior to birth so where is the line drawn? Considering the government allows murdering babies that even science states are “viable human beings” there is no black and white, it’s all gray and it’s all despicable. And we’re wondering why the world is in such a state?

  • Dom

    Maybe these girls should learn to keep their legs closed if they don’t want to be a mother, or perhaps explain to these brain dead teen boys that blowing it inside when she’s not on birth control isn’t really a good idea. The parents and school don’t teach em. Someone should.

    • toomany

      I agree that teens need to be taught better that sex is not to be taken lightly however, let’s not forget, it takes two and, while “teaching these girls to keep their legs closed” is part of the solution, it’s only half the solution. We need to be teaching the boys “to keep it in their pants” as well. The days where the girls are solely responsible for the ramifications if sex have long passed.

  • mommawilma

    I wonder how many babies get thrown out that are never found :( WTF!??! how was this baby found , this is so sad

  • babygurl0404

    To many people out there who can not be blessed with the joy of a child. Why do they have to kill them? Take responsibility and do the right thing. Take the baby to a church or hospital or somewhere safe . Those people make me sick. I have 4 children and could never hurt them.

    • toomany

      To be fair, and believe me, I am in no way justifying this girl’s actions, the article did state that the circumstances surrounding the infants death were unclear. Don’t know if she actually murdered the child or perhaps child was stillborn but, to dispose of an innocent child in that fashion is reprehensible no matter the manner of death. And, what I can never understand in these situations is, where are the family and friends of such girls and how do they not realize she’s pregnant? I’m sorry, that has always mystified me.

  • Jennifer

    Most hospitals have no questions asked safe place/ cradle to leave a baby if a person doesn’t want him or her. It’s generally at the entrance to the facility. This is just too disrespectful to fathom.

    • toomany

      I was in CMC ER several days ago and there is a crib right inside the entrance. Same with Moses Taylor. There is absolutely no excuse for something like this to happen.

  • Fred

    Everything is fine and dandy when your doing the dance. But everything changes the next morning. Second thoughts set in. The children suffer in the end. Take $10.00 and go to CVS and no kids will get hurt.

  • jen

    I think this is a shame, but abortion is legal so what’s the difference in her giving birth/aborting and throwing the baby in the trash or a doctor doing the same thing? Our society is really messed up.

    • Arvin

      You are 100% correct and the quotes from people in the story could be said about the unborn, but there is no public outrage about that. There is more concern and more stories about making sure pets are ok in inclement weather.

  • katie

    a accident wow I would love to sell you a car youdamn fool.yo are just to dumb for anyone around you well being lady.i havea 1984 s10 truck I will sell you with no motor just the frame one time speacil offer 34,000$ ytirty four thousand dollars.would you lie to buy this truck.hurry act fast on this greatdeal.lady should put herselfin the trash

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Grrrr….. Everytime I hear these stories I hug and kiss my child and share sadness with my wife. Regardless of our differences in life, politics, religion, etc., NONE OF US should tolerate harm to children like this. There is no excuse.

  • rita

    Way too much bad news lately. So sad after reading this. If you don’t want your baby then seek out help from a church or a women’s center, they can find a loving caring home for your baby.

  • JP

    Was anyone at the residence questioned? Disgusted with the way people are, granted there are still some good people out there.

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