Renewed Calls for Walking Path After Another Pedestrian Hit on Montage Mountain Road

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MOOSIC -- For the second time in as many years a pedestrian was hit by a car while walking along Montage Mountain Road after a concert.

The victim of this weekend's incident is expected to be okay, but it brings renewed calls for a walking trail along the busy road in Lackawanna County.

Matthew Sheerin of Scranton was hit along Montage Mountain Road on Saturday night as he walked away from the Mayhem Festival concert at Toyota Pavilion. Tracy Woodall of Pittston was driving up when her car hit Sheerin. Police said Woodall will not be charged.  Sheerin's family says he is still recovering in the hospital from a severe leg injury.

The story hits very close to home for another family from Lackawanna County.

Michael Sanders of Dunmore was killed last August when he was hit by a vehicle while he was walking down Montage Mountain Road following a concert.

The Sanders family pushed Lackawanna County to make a walking path on Montage Mountain Road to make it safer on concert nights when many people choose to walk. County crews are almost finished with a $300,000 dollar project to build a path. Officials said new lines and a guide rail will be added by the end of the summer.

Moosic Police said Sheerin was on the opposite side of the road from the trail, but Michael Sanders' family said what happened on Saturday speaks to the need of a path like the one that's being put in.


  • M. Hydock

    Ok. Who’s was the wizard that came up with the idea of putting a black walking path on a dark twisting road, that will be traveled by mostly drunk people exiting concerts late at night??? Most ridiculous idea in the world. Here’s a crazy idea. Put some street lights in!!!! Forbid people from walking. Let them take the shuttle. I live a mile down from the Pavilion and my son was going to walk home from a concert 2 years ago and was stopped by security and told he couldn’t walk…. so he got a ride from someone. Not that difficult. Now they plan on putting a guard rail along the path, narrowing the driving lanes…. in the dark. Gee, wonder how many car accidents there will be involving the impaired drivers coming down the mountain???

  • Me

    But the alcohol sold at these events aren’t the problem. A walking lane will not help. The power drinking at these concerts is what needs to be stopped. Stop selling alcohol,….oh that’s right, then nobody will go

    People are ruining good things around here because they can’t handle their own. Soon there will be nothing left in this area but bars and crack dealers.

  • Sashie

    The Sanders family is anxious to have this completed as soon as possible so no more loss of life or injuries on Montage mountain road. They are devastated by the loss of Michael and hope they will memorialize the trail and dedicate it to his 3 little girls he left behind. Also to have more control over these events to curb all day tailgating and cap the alcohol sales. The safety of others is much more important than the profit from these venues. We need more officers to monitor the road and not cut back and reduce the police force on their much needed services to the public. We want everybody to have a safe and enjoyable night and not have to worry about making it home alive.

    • Me

      They don’t have all day tailgating. The cops up there FORCE you into the event so you have to pay $10 for a red solo cup of beer. It’s all money money money up there. That’s why I stopped going.
      The cops aren’t even TRYING to stop the partying. I’ve seen it first hand.

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