Randy Budd: Kiss from injured wife was “the best feeling in the world”

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- A fourth teen is now charged as an adult in connection with the Interstate 80 rock-throwing attack in July that injured an Ohio school teacher.

Keefer McGee, 17, is now charged with eight criminal counts including aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. He is free on $50,000 bail and due back in court August 19.

When Newswatch 16 arrived at his home on Pleasant View Road, the shades were drawn and nobody answered the door.

Neighbors expressed disappointment that someone so close to home was accused of taking part in the attack.

"I was really shocked that is was my neighbor, I never thought that he would be involved," Thomas Clouser said.

"It is terrible for this area," said Randall Metzger.

The impact of the rock left Sharon Budd of Uniontown, Ohio seriously injured. Since the crash she has been a patient at Geisinger Medical Center. Her husband Randy said in recent days his wife has shown signs of recovery, allowing her condition to be upgraded to serious, and for Sharon to be moved out of the ICU.

Budd said that his wife has been able to speak a few words with the help of a special speaker put up to her throat.

"She's able to say Kaylee's name, she said my name, she said, 'I love you.'"

Budd said his wife was even was able to kiss him.

"When she reached up to kiss me, that was the best feeling in the world."

In a few weeks, Sharon Budd could be moved to a rehabilitation facility, most likely staying in central Pennsylvania where the community has embraced her family, although Randy plans to consider a facility in Ohio as well.

He expressed gratitude for the extraordinary support the local community has shown him, including a house that was loaned to him.

He said of his benefactor, "I could have it on one condition, and that condition is we don't want anything back."

Budd said with his wife making progress, he's finally considering the criminal case against the accused teens.

"I guess one day, I'm not sure if it will happen, they will realize, not just in a courtroom, all the people they affected. Not just Sharon, myself, her kids, her friends, all the children she taught, all the children she will never teach. Our lives have been changed forever."


  • Adam Rebel Sharr

    some of us blame the parents also because of the up bringings they get if a parent shows no discipline to their children the child will then raise itself to what it feels is right from wrong. if these kisds were disciplined then they wouldnt have been out that late in the first place. i feel the parents as well as the children should be charged, the children under adult law of aggravated assault, attempted homicide,and whatever else they can slap on without possibility of a plea bargain. then charge the parents with neglect.

  • Garben

    I hope they all get prison where they will have more then rocks thrown at them I believe you take the r from rocks and put a c in its place total idiots you are and yes your parent are failures also especially you juveniles why were you allowed out late in the first place period

    • dinnybones

      Why do some ppl insist on blaming the parents for this? Were they there that nite? NO!!! Not anymore than you or I. guess maybe I can blame you all for this tragedy because these kids learn by example and when they see how rude and ignorant you all act they think it’s ok to do the things they do. And you sure are not setting a good example for future behavior of any of kid. And who died and left you all to be judge and jury of these kids’ fate? None of you will have any say in any part of that so mind your own business. This is 2014 not the stone age where they had hangings and stonings. It makes me SICK when you assholes wish the worse for these kids. How does that make any of you any better than what you think they are? How?? Too bad it wasn’t any of you. There are things happening to other people besides this case that could use a little attention too.

  • Charles Perry

    i think they should have to travel to the victims house 1 or 2 times a week or on the weekends to help the family do stuff like help clean work for the family free untill the family desides its enough. and to also repay the insurance company the full amount that they have spent on her medical bills now and the rest of the medical bills in the future as they come in.

  • Donna W.

    I highley recommend Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Paoli, PA Thy are an outstanding rehab facility that specializes in brain injury. They are outstanding!

  • Pat.

    I think they should be chained in an alley and people can throw bricks at them for 4 hours. If they live, they can go free…what ever is left of them.

  • Laurel

    Make the little brats pay her medical bills (THEM NOT their parents), too. They should be about her age before they’d actually be working for themselves instead of making financial amends.

    • Dexter Morgan

      That would be a GREAT idea. However, I’m sure they will just get a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, this wonderful family will have to deal with what these dumb kids did.


    These ( 4 ) JERKS must be put in jail at least 25 to 30 years minimum ! They should NOT see freedom till they are at least 52 years old like their victim !

  • mlm

    You know, it is not always the parents fault. I happen to know this boy parents and they are good people and great parents. When your kids leave your home, you can only hope that they will make good choices the way you have taught them to. All of these boys did wrong and need to face the consequences for such a horrendous act. But as a parent of a child the same age, I would still want to do anything I could to protect my son. It is a parenting instinct.

    • GrandMom 2

      This is so scary…it could happen to any of us traveling…..Yes, as parents we want to protect our own children, HOWEVER…as emotionally painful as it would be..there are times us parents will need to stand back and let our children suffer the consequences to the fullest extent . How else will they learn the severity of this or anything else in life if they continue on this road and don’t face what they caused ? We can raise our children with all the best knowledge, direction, instructions, morals, integrity, etc we can humanly give…but they have their own minds. When our children walk out the door going their own ways, the decisions are theirs…just as it is ours. We always hope they make the right choices… Sadly these teens CHOSE to do this stupid horrible act, probably not thinking “What IF ??” … All these families will suffer for years to come…..certainly the injured woman and her family’s lives suffer the most and are changed forever too…in some ways worse than we can imagine. I hope and pray something good can come out of this tragedy…???

      • MLM

        As I said, these boys need to face the consequences for committing such a horrendous act. And whatever that punishment, he would deal with as would I. But I would protect my son from repoters knocking on doors and such. I am also a caring person who continually prays for this woman and would do things on my own to help this family and my son would be beside me doing them.

  • JK

    Who bailed the SOB out? There should be no bail for what is really attempted murder! I’m sure his parents are like so many nowadays that protect their spoiled brats from the consequences of every stupid thing they do!

  • P. Kersey

    I wish the victim a speedy recovery and feel bad about this. This is lack of PARENTING and the crap world we live in. People need to be held accountable and I hope the most SEVERE penalty is given. We live in a world of slaps on the wrist. I can tell you that if we were in China they wouldn’t put up with this. We need to clean up this world of drugs, corruption, and scum. I do believe scum is the right word for what this kid did.

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