Kittens Found Badly Hurt

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP — State police are investigating a case of animal cruelty in Wayne County.

Troopers say two domestic short-haired kittens were found along Smith Road near Honesdale with several fractured bones.

One of the kittens was so badly injured it had to be euthanized.

Authorities in Wayne County said they will likely file charges in this animal cruelty case in Wayne County.


  • Eileen

    From the Times Tribune:
    1 kitten dead after extreme trauma
    HONESDALE — State police are investigating a case of animal cruelty that left two kittens with extreme trauma and one of them dead.
    The animals had multiple fractures, which required one to be euthanized, state police said.
    Charges against the owner, Brandon Sullum, 23, of Honesdale, are pending.

  • Mildred

    You r absolutely right! They are well known in Honesdale and sad part is, the punishment will most likely be minimal! They were not found on side of road but beat till all bones were broken in his home! Poor cats! Ans shame on the people who let him get away with this. SMFH

  • Fred

    I feel very bad about what happened to those poor kittens. I would be very happy to see the same thing happen to the person who did this. Max in prison would be a gift !
    Sick people

  • J

    This case is disgusting and there has to be harsher punishments!! The person that did this is from a well known family and will prob get away with this!! These cats were not found on the road!!

    • K

      That’s terrible! Wish I knew them too! I would enjoy making their lives miserable!
      This area is great at spawning donkey-shooting-rock-throwing-kitten-maiming-monsters! I have seen just as much cold indifference if not more in some ways here than I ever saw in the city! Go figure. How can such a pretty place spawn such ugly people? I would not go back to urban living at this stage of the game. But all I hear is how bad the city is, and then I read the news around here; what’s the difference? Right in my own area too. You have good and bad everywhere and all I hear is people hear talk about how bad the city is. I am like, mmmK! And THAT coming from people who have criminals, druggies, and animal abusers in their own family. Guess it makes them FEEL better to talk about other people so they don’t have to face the garbage piling up in their own back yard!

      • PP McGee

        It’s getting worse around here because all of your old neighbors followed you here…and they brought the city with them.

  • K

    So sad that people have to be so mean because it gives them a sense of power? yeah, that’s REAL powerful! Stupid morons.

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