The Best ‘Turn’ at the Tricky Triangle

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LONG POND - Plenty of race car fans are already setting up on the infield at the Pocono Raceway to get a good spot for this Sunday's 400.  Spectators will tell you, there's a method for their madness when it comes to finding the perfect location to watch the race!

NASCAR fans have already begun to "set up camp" at the Pocono Raceway, getting their campers and RV's set up days before the race begins.

Around each of the three turns of the track - fans claim they have the best seats in the house.

Grilling up some burgers and brats and setting up shop on turn one at the Pocono Raceway.

John Fox and his friends from Long Pond have been doing this for years.

"We come, we camp, we cook out, we've got more people coming," said Fox.

Fox said he picks this spot every race for a pretty particular reason.

"Well for us, it`s closest to the 'Job Johnny' and it`s the fastest access to get in and out of the gate for the cars," said Fox.

A few hundreds of yards away Butch Smith and his friends are kicking back enjoying lunch, and looking forward to watching the race from their favorite spot; turn number two.

It's a spot these guys have claimed for about a dozen years.

"At turn two, they bunch up a lot and you just never know what`s going to happen, they hit the wall a lot over there and that always changes things so it`s always fun, there`s always something going on," said Butch Smith of Erie.

While the folks along the fence here at turn two claim to have the best seats in the Tricky Triangle for race day, the fans over on turn three beg to differ.

Keith Klingenberg of York said they have four spots reserved here at turn three, and have watched plenty of crashes, and other action from this spot since the late 90's.

"There were leaks coming out of the track we watched them all night long digging up, putting a drain in, get the water out from under the track, we`ve seen a momma fox and her pups running through the drainage ditch, a little bit of everything," said Klingenberg.

This group of NASCAR die-hards said there's no better place around the triangle.

"Not in my opinion, but I bet the people that stay in one and two would disagree," said Klingenberg.

The 400 will run this Sunday at one at the Pocono Raceway, with qualifying rounds beginning as early as tomorrow.

And not to worry - there's still plenty of spots on every turn to grab before the checkered flag waves this weekend.