Finally Fixing The Roads

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DICKSON CITY -- It's almost August and we're still talking about potholes on our roads, but now they're getting fixed.

A paving project on a popular road in Dickson City is underway.

Drivers have been complaining about the potholes on Commerce Boulevard near the Viewmont Mall for months.

Crews are finally out to fix the road but the drivers are stuck in traffic.

Drivers would just try to "drive around it" on Commerce Boulevard in Dickson City to avoid the dreaded pot holes.

"It's like in Vietnam when you had to go around the bomb craters, it's ridiculous," said Don Wilmont of Sterling.

And in the middle of summer, drivers are still waiting for this road in Lackawanna County to be fixed.

"These holes have been here at least three months that I've known of and they don't seem to be getting any better by themselves."

Many drivers complained about the spot right at the exit from Wal*mart.

"That is miserable over there."

After months of complaints, contractors are finally paving Commerce Boulevard.

Relief for drivers isn't there just yet. That paving project in Dickson City has begun but so has the traffic which makes a quick errand on Commerce Boulevard tedious.

"In the beginning, you couldn't miss the potholes, now at least they're fixing it but it's taking a while," said Shirley Lanning of Greeley.

Even though traffic may be backed up, people said at least it's progress.

"It was not bad, not as bad as it used to be. They've done a lot of work on it," said William Lanning of Greeley.

Dickson City is responsible for Commerce Boulevard and officials told us they'd tried to have it fixed earlier but the contractor was backed up with other road work.

Crews expect for the work there to last about a week.

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    Thats called “find another Contractor maybe if dickson city didn’t spend an exhuberant amount of money trying to “FEDS” and buying discquised police vehicles they woudl have had the money in the budget to get a better contractor

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