Woman Who Made Harassing 911 Calls Tells Her Side

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MOUNT CARMEL -- The woman in Northumberland County accused of making several harassing calls to 911 is now telling her side of the story.

Bonnie Ziegler of Mount Carmel was charged for calling 911 seven times in a three-hour period.

Ziegler said the night she made those calls she felt she had been pushed to her limit. She said she’s had ongoing problems with her neighbors and police have failed to stop it. She said she kept calling 911 because she just wanted some help.

Bonnie Ziegler isn't necessarily defending the numerous calls she made to 911, but she's explaining what led her to do it.

“When I get that worked up, and I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but when you get so worked up and you've been through so much, and you're doing everything by yourself and you live by yourself,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler was charged with harassment for making those calls to 911 beginning Saturday night from her home in Mount Carmel.

In one call she said she was dying, hoping to get a quicker response from police. Then in a flood of calls early Sunday morning, she complained that police broke her door when they came to her house.

Ziegler is in the process of selling her Mount Carmel house and said that broken door added stress to an already upsetting night.

“When I saw my door I was like, OK, because I didn't even sell my house yet. I am not married. I am single. I don't have a boyfriend. I am doing this all on my own,” said Ziegler.

She's in the process of moving to Marion Heights because of ongoing problems she said she has with her neighbors in Mount Carmel. She said she’s called police about them several times but nothing has been done. That night she said she felt harassed by them again, so she initially called to report those threats.

“To come home and to listen to it again and be threatened and cursed at,” said Ziegler.

Police said they broke into her house because she failed to answer the door or the phone. Ziegler said she didn't think they'd respond, because they haven't in the past.

Still Ziegler said she does realize she let her emotions get the better of her that night.

“I wasn't even realizing that I was doing that. I have to actually say I have to take my part in that, but I'm angry I never got any help.”

Mount Carmel police did confirm they’ve responded to calls from Ziegler and handled each complaint as best as the situation would allow.

Ziegler faces charges of simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct.


  • Lesson Learned

    Pays not to harass people by phone. (They will be reluctant to respond or help.) Or, call people names to make them feel worthless. (Especially those not bothering you.) It will always come back to bite you. Sometimes we learn the hard way.

  • eg

    Well mount carmel is getting bad. Some of the cops only help who they wanna help but there are some good cops that do, do their job. Mouny carmel is getting worse and some cops do make stuff up in their reports to make the story better. The people in this town are rude and nasty. I have nasty neighbors that just moved behind me and I know the frustration this woman feels. This town has gone to the dumps.

    • The Real deal

      EG,We don’t know if the cops made up stuff in this report. Don’t assume. We don’t know what the cops had to deal with concerning this woman. If she was a constant nag so to speak or not. And yes their are rude and nasty people but we don’t know if this woman was nasty to these neighbors also. Only the two parties know the true story. The cops also have an idea what happened, we don’t.

      • Bonnie Ziegler

        Hi Real Deal. You are right. Don’t assume. This has been going on for years. Borough police would never help me. The horrible neighbors have a brother who is a TWP. Cop. Before I called 911 made 2 call to communication center. NO RESPONCE !!! I was in bed when they broke door. Never heard them till they came upstairs. Cops would not even file a vandalizing report on my car in March. I have tried calling the Chief,Mayor No HELP . No RESPONSE!!! Living here has been a LIVING HELL!!! That’s why I bought a forclosed home with Broken Pipes. Took me months to get it. If you and everyone elseKNEW the WHOLE STORY YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND !!! Thanks,Boie

  • Karen Kromko

    You don’t know all the facts people. She’s not the innocent woman she portrays herself to be. Believe me! She brings a lot of problems on herself. She has a BOY–Friend, Charlie. He idolizes her;finds no fault in her. He’s very good to her, helps her out financially. Buys her things, is helping move,etc. He is a GEM!!! God Bless you Charlie. Get to know her. She is never satisfied. I actually thought she was my friend. Skeptic, you got the story. She cursed and screamed at her neighbors also. She would yell a lot at them prior to this incident. You only can take so much. I’m not taking sides. It takes two to tango. She was drinking, the cops said. Sorry, I needed to voice my opinion. I’ve been the victim of her wrath and numerous other people as well. They say this is when they need our prayers. So I will pray for you Bonnie. GOD BLESS YOU! I hope everything turns out for you and you find peace and happiness. I was your friend.

    • Bonnie Ziegler

      Hi Karen. I always felt like you were my sis. But once you got fired from your job and lost your medical Ins. You turned into an ANGRY person!!! I am not perfect but always try my best in life and with people. And you of all people know that. So Enjoy checking and writing down Everyone’s Taxes and how much they pay… As for Charlie. Yes he is a great man and we did date years ago. But Charlie and I are FRIENDS !!! But you KNEW that. So Please. Leave the GEM alone. DON’T CALL HIM AT 11:30 in the morning when you’re Angry and Jealous. He had to get up at 1:00 a.m. for work. REMEMBER ????

  • joan

    Bonnie there is discrimination against single woman without a man. People try to take advantage. I know what it is like being alone with no one to help you. I had trouble with my scumbag neighbors and I should have had them the couple of chances I had got them arrested. In the end like you I was the one who got in trouble. Scumbags know how to screw people over and women like us are too nice then we snap. I couldn’t sell my home so I rented it out. Maybe should should rent yours out too. If you cant afford a new house right away investigate real nice areas that are safe with good people and rent a nice apt for yourself. There were some comments that you look pretty and thin. Maybe with the tv exposure you’ll find a nice guy! Anyway I think your neighbors should be arrested but the law doesnt work that way. I got in trouble cuz of my dirt bag neighbors so I rented my house out and moved to a nicer area. I would love to have your confidence to tell my side on tv but my job would fire me due to my profession. When I retire I’ll give them all a piece of my mind. Good luck Bonnie. Be calm and wish you the best. Joan

    • The Real deal

      Jimmy she’s not a wacky lady but she’ll probably play the nut to help her case. She still should have not used the 911 # to try and resolve her issues. Why didn’t she just call the non emergency one all those times and then joke she is dying. Know wonder the cops broke her door down, they didn’t get a response. They are to serve and protect. they were trying to protect. They had no other choice to get in to see if she was alright. That’s her fault about the door. I don’t think she really nuts; she’s probably just a persistent person. We really don’t know the WHOLE story. People that know her personally know how she is and how she kept pestering the police in prior incidents. So, don’t call her a wack!

  • Been There

    I am not sticking up for this woman because I don’t know ALL the facts. But I understand being in the same situation several years ago. Living next to drug and alcohol dependent jobless twenty something year olds who stay up all hours of the night causing noise and mayhem through out the neighborhood almost on a daily basis. Keeping employed people from sleeping and missing time at work.
    Crawling on the street and up steps because they are too messed up to walk Then you call the police both local and State and a multitude of times and nothing serious is ever done about it. I was even told by the police ” I SHOULD MOVE OUT OF THE AREA. ” ???!!!

    • tom

      Hmmm-did not think in terms like that-maybe I’m wrong about my comment-thinking it over I have neighbors who are luney too.I hope it doesn’t get that bad-one wonders where all these crazies are coming from.We never had these going-ons intil the last couple of years.Perhaps our esteemed politicians should stop idiots from coming in the US.I really think their former govts. trough them out and send them here.

  • Concerned Citizen?

    Well the problem with Mt Carmel well oh its the ENTIRE TOWN! Depressed, drugs rampent, no jobs = Hazleton, Wilkes Barre, Scranton……..enough said.

    • Calm Down

      Good question Dan, because in my opinion she is a very attractive woman, so if I was her Boyfriend, I would set the neighbors straight, the COWARDS ! Irritating a single woman !

  • Skeptic

    So now she claims she did it because she hates her neighbors, and you all take her side all of a sudden? She was drunk, belligerent, and violent! Who do you really think is the bad neighbor?

    • Bonnie Ziegler

      Hi. Sorry. But I was NOT drunk or belligerent…. But the NEIGHBORS ARE !!!! This has been going on for 3 YEARS!!! I was Bullied , Harassed , Cursed at and soooo much more !!! Plus I DID buy a new home in a small QUIET TOWN not far from here. Because of this. And to anyone wandering why I don’t have a boyfriend. Hardly ever go out. And didn’t meet the right one !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    • LL

      She does hate her neighbors. Not everyone is taking her side. Apparently she was drunk if she smelled like alcohol. How do you know she was violent? Do you know her personally? Oh!!!!!!

  • Calm Down

    Bonnie has no Boyfriend ??? In my opinion she is pretty, and that white shirt looks nice on her, that you can see on the pic above ! Her neighbors should just leave her alone ! Let this woman alone neighbors ! Best of luck to you Bonnie, I hope yer house sells soon so you can get away from the stress !

    That is rotten for Neighbors to irritate a single woman !

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