Heartwarming: Dog Overcome With Joy, Nearly Passes Out When Reunited With Owner

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It’s a greeting like only a dog can give.

YouTube user Rebecca Ehalt posted video of her emotional reunion with the family dog and it’s going viral.

The two hadn’t seen each other in two years. As Ehalt noted in the video’s description, that’s like 14 years to a dog.

The video begins with the dog squealing in delight and then the dog nearly passes out from all of the excitement upon Rebecca’s return home.

Also noted in the video’s description, the schnauzer was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything is fine. No worries.


  • Joe

    Seems like all you enjoy is stories that involve death, murder, and everything negative! Take your miserable life somewhere else!

  • Name (required)

    this brings a tear to my eye, as I miss my dog. (she passed some years back)… great story WNEP, thank you.

  • Fred

    Thanks Diane
    If it doesn’t involve a fire, crash or a gun it is no news. Miserable people should be required to spend time with a friendly animal. My animals are as important to me as my family. I love them all.

  • scott

    thats how my dog gets i leave to go on the road all week and when i come back i cant get enough kisses he just sits next to me and will not leave my side the whole 2 days im home its amazing how animals are

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