Trucker Dead After Three Rigs Collide

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- Three tractor trailers were involved in a crash today on Interstate 80 in the Bloomsburg area. One of the drivers was killed.

Investigators believe the driver of this tractor-trailer did not stop in time, and smashed into the UPS freight truck in front of him, causing a domino effect involving three trucks near Bloomsburg. The 48-year-old man from Missouri who was driving this truck died at the scene.

One of the truck drivers involved in the crash says traffic was stopped late this morning at the light street exit as drivers were merging into the right lane because of nearby construction.

"Heard a bang and felt a bump and looked in the mirror and there was a trailer in the grass with no cab and a jack-knifed ups tractor behind me," Joseph Eitel said.

State police closed one lane of Interstate 80, and the exit ramp, which caused major traffic delays for most of the day.

"Well we were there for two hours. We were on our way to a doctor's appointment in Danville," Harold Flood said.

One of the tractor trailers involved in the crash was a UPS freight truck. A representative for UPS says the merchandise will be inspected and delivered to their destinations. The driver of that UPS truck was taken to the hospital, treated and released. The other driver involved in the crash was not hurt.

"It pushed in the bumper of my trailer about a foot, but on an 80,000 pound truck, you don't really feel that," Eitel said.

The crash has some drivers feeling nervous about sharing the roads with tractor trailers.

"Terrifying. It's awful. There's always construction around here, too so I avoid the interstate to be honest with you. The tractor trailers, they're terrifying. I get a lot of anxiety driving on the interstate," Jess Kinn said.

"I think tractor trailers oughta have their own road," Flood said.

Get the latest traffic information here.

Troopers are investigating how the crash happened.


  • truth

    Referee u obviously don’t know what ur talking about , nor do u understand that that was somebody s loved one! If that’s ur opinion then keep it to ur self! I knew the man and he was a good person. So please feel free to shut the hell up and have some respect for others!

  • Nathan

    Let’s face the reality that we live in a world that is so very fast paced, that people could care less about the safety of others around them.It is not about whether it was in a semi or a car.Not to mention that of course a semi is at a much higher risk of being in a accident.As they work driving 11 hours a day usually every day all week.Should be a who vlblames who game.People who drive cars do not live most of their lives on the road to make a living and make bills meet.There is good and bad in many things in life.It is our choice whether we believe all are bad based on some mistakes made or bad decisions.A truck is just more likely to be in a accident if it has to stop, based on it’s length and weight.I am sorry for the family who lost this man from their lives.We all are responsible for our lives and others each time we get behind the wheel.

    • Warløck

      You should trying throwing a space after each of your periods there, buddy. Makes whatever you tried to type a whole lot easier to read.

  • Bobbi

    More swerving now than ever before!! You look up and surprise, on the phone texting or eating!!! Let’s up the speed limit on top of that… Just wait…

  • Paula

    I am angry and hurt by your comment. But I will pray for you. My brother would have preferred that

    • Shawn

      I’m sorry for your loss Paula, my heart is with you and your family. I’m also sorry for the lack of compassion here towards you and your brother. Please don’t paint us Pennsylvanian’s in negative light, I’m sure we did all we could to save your brother.

      • Paula

        Thank you and I know all are not bad. Just a few fools with no compassion. I actually feel sorry for them because they may not have someone in their life they love enough they’d understand grieving over. My prayers are with them.

  • Kevin

    Contact A Truck Accident Lawyer Today:
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    Truck Accident Statistics
    A truck accident involving a big truck and a smaller vehicle or pedestrians, often has very tragic consequences. A big truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds and can go up to 75 feet in length. Considering these numbers, it is not shocking that truck accidents result in more grievous injuries and larger number of deaths than other traffic accidents. What is shocking though are the alarming truck accident statistics.

    The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) releases data about truck accidents, which is then published by many organizations as truck accident statistics. The roads of the United States witness over 500,000 truck accidents each year. Of these total truck accidents, a high number end in fatalities, with statistics putting the number of deaths due to truck accidents at about 5,000 each year.

    Twelve percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States are caused because of truck accidents. Tractor trailer truck accidents are especially dangerous. In such truck accidents, an alarming 98% of the time, the passengers or driver in the other vehicle is killed as opposed to people in the truck.

    But this does not indicate that the truck driver is mainly at fault in truck accidents. Contrary to popular belief, more than 75% of truck accidents are caused, not by the truck driver, but because of an error of the driver of other smaller vehicles involved in the crash.

  • Paula

    To those who can’t wait to judge, apparently my brother was having apnea issues and because of it he wasn’t sleeping well. I’m sure the autopsy will show this or heart attack. Believe it or not people die AT the wheel and you will just have to forgive them for not bring more conscience about their vehicle at the time. Grow up. We ate hurting. Ty for the well wishes. This is our first loss so we are lost and hurt. From the looks of the pictures he died suddenly. I’m thankful to god he didn’t suffer. Lonnie would have wanted to know that no one died. That would have crushed him.
    Don’t blame truckers. Life and death happen.
    For the record, Lonnie never took a drug in his life. He was very verbal against them.

    Lonnie, your family will miss you. Ty for being my big brother.

    • Dale

      We passed the accident scene and my wife had an overwhelming feeling that this was a good man who did not feel pain and died on impact. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless….

      • Paula

        Thank you. He was a brother, a dad, a son and a grandpa. He was a real man with real family. He was generous and would do anything for my girls. We are hearing that it was prob a heart attack. I know above all else Lonnie would be happy to know that no one else died. He for sure wouldn’t have wanted to lived if someone died. Again, ty. I don’t know what you saw but I have to believe my brother didn’t suffer.

      • Paula

        Warlock, my eyes are glued to this. This was my big ol caring brother. So when I see something negative or hurtful you can bet I’m going to respond. As for pressing issues? Other than non stop bawling and grieving, no. They won’t release him to come home yet. So in the mean time I keep coming back to this hoping it turns out to be a nightmare. When you lose someone you can grieve in your own way, but thanks for your concern.

    • Kris Brown

      Paula, my prayers are with you and your family. My husband is a truck driver and I constantly worry about him. I sincerely hope your brother did not suffer. Thank You to him and all the other drivers who put their necks on the line day in and day out to deliver goods to our stores and homes. May your brother rest in peace. In the arms of our loving savior who has brought him to a new world of peace, where there is no pain or suffering. May you find peace and comfort in the coming days, weeks, months and years to come. God’s Blessings upon you and your family!

    • scot

      AS a fellow trucker sorry for your loss . If you’re brother had sleeping issues the dr. that did his physical should have known this and should not have issued him his license without further testing. Once again sorry for your loss

      • Elaine Caruso

        MORE IMPORTANTLY-He should have been banned from driving all together by the physician. Remember, epileptics are not allowed to drive most times, what is the difference here????? RIP Lonnie. Paula, my sincere condolences to you and your family

    • sarah

      Payers for you and your family. No loss is easy. Thank you for clarifying. And no one has any right to speak out about a driver until retorts come back. I know many and drive myself. We all try to be safe and look out for one another and family’s. . Or at least my circle of friends do.

  • Justin

    Truck drivers kill more people every year than drunk drivers do, that’s a fact. Time to bring back the railroad. I myself was a truck driver and I know for a fact that a lot of these companies will hire anyone without experience, and believe me obtaining a cdl license is not hard in most of these states. Instead of worrying about gun violence we should be focusing on these negligent truck drivers, one speeding ticket or similar moving violation should equal loss of cdl license for a year. With that being said, there is a lot of good truck drivers out there but they are getting fewer and farther between, especially with the gas industry fudging log books so their drivers can go 120 hours a week. Don’t even want to get started on the texting and distracted driving crap I see 4 wheelers doing. That should be automatic jail time if caught.

    • Jackie

      Your idea has flaws. Without driving, you CAN’T GET EXPERIENCE. Three months of not driving requires a refresher course. I’m in my first week of CDL class right now. More often than not, THE CARS CAUSE THE ACCIDENT! In this case, I don’t know. So what if you were a trucker, that doesn’t change the facts. Maybe a trucker gets in an accident with a car, car driver dies.. that trucker probably didn’t “kill” the driver because the car probably cut him off. In my opinion, that’s suicide. These cars weave in and out like they’re invincible. THEY’RE NOT!!!

      • A

        I myself no longer drive due to seizures however my husband drives me back and forth to work. And cars being the problem…no its not. We have been almost killed by truck drivers texting talking on the phone and even watchig movies. I also dated a truck driver who use to tell me how he would watch tv all the time while driving. So dont blame the cars

        Also…the cdl in missouri is so easy to get. My e got his cdl license an was even in an accident while in school. Still gave it to him. Go figure.

    • jan dewey

      Dont blame the truck drivers . I have been in the business for a long tlme. Other drivers do something stupid and accidents happen. Every driving a car should take the c.d.l. training.

    • tami potirala

      You are a misguided obamabot. Get your “facts” together. Actual statistics prove that 70-90% of ALL accidents involving trucks are the fault of the car not the truck. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

  • Gb

    It’s not really to blame other then back up do to the construction. Traffic is usually backed up right to a hill that I myself almost crashed into a tractor trailer on the highway do to the traffic. If you want to blame anyone, blame penndot. If they spent less time leaning on shovels, projects wouldn’t take so many months or years.

  • KCT

    I travel this road everyday for the past 10 years, what I see most of all speeding I’m talking 75plus.These so called truck drivers I see have no clue not paying attention to the road one hand on the wheel the other on the phone weather it’s talking or texting.These drivers don’t have there c b on and the others don’t know what that is, a lot don’t speak English.I cannot speak for the crash but what I see everyday it’s out of control not just the trucks the cars also This was the second crash and death almost the same spot just feet away i seen both just past it stopped at rest area so i could comment on this ,very sad .So go ahead and raise the limit To 70 mph that will help.Oh ,and yes I drive a truck…

    • Brian

      You are somewhat correct about your assessment of the truck drivers. I will say, however, that most trucks are speed limited to 65mph. And for every bad truck driver out there, there are 10 bad car drivers. One or two of which probably caused this wreck. I drive a truck, and I just had a car pass me on I-295, then cut across my front bumper while on the brakes to take the exit that I was just passing.

      • MWM

        Altho I am still afraid to drive pass or near them; I have to agree, I see way more cars doing stupid sh*t on the road than trucks. That being said, I can see this happening when trucks get too close and bottle-necks develop in-between them or something like that…so sorry, so sad for the families.

  • jamie

    If you have never been a passenger or driver of a rig you will never truly understand. My boyfriend drives a rig and I go with him often. You think that you are giving the truck ample room, but you don’t realize when then have 80,000 lbs pushing them down the highway how much time it takes to stop. Even at 30 mph, it takes you more than two car lenghts to stop. Everyone should be required to be a passenger for a day before they are given their licenses. My heart goes out to the families. I know what it’s like to get the call that the one you love has been in a horrible accident. I also think Dash cams should be mandatory and all the idiots that cut the trucks off should be Ticketed for reckless driving.

    • tgatz

      Rick ur probably a wefare bum suckin off the government for free money while geting stoned on ur free time shut up!!!!!u probably have never stepped foot into a semi and since u havent THESES TRUCKS ARE GOVERND SO MOST CAN ONLY DO 65 TO 73 MPH stupid 4 wheel drive oh by the way I myself am a trucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlene

      Let me just tell you Rick just because 3 trucks where involved does not mean they are the problem my fiancé is a truck driver and multiple times a day he has idiots cut him off because they are in a hurry to go nowhere and I don’t recall them saying anything about drugs and I will have you know they are tested on a regular basis. I would willing to bet based on your comment that you are probably one of the idiots that cut trucks off. You know how long it takes one of those trucks to stop when they are fully loaded. This is a sad thing to hear and my thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.

    • Karen

      Truck drivers aren’t always the problem. I am a truck driver and alot of what I see are people in suv’s and cars thinking they can just cut off trucks and are invincible. Well guess what you cant stop a 80,000 pound vehicle on a dime. Keep that in mind next time you just whip in front of one and you don’t use a turn signal.

    • tami potirala

      You really are clueless. Truckers do get tested regularly you fool. I am willing to bet you couldnt pass the drug test without studying first.

  • Jeanie Ozment

    Why are you so hostile toward truckers. Did your wife run off with a cute driver. Did you get turned down by a cute driver in a pickle park. I have an idea. Why don’t you boycott everything that comes by truck. That will show us truckers a thing or two.

    Now does anyone know about the drivers and were there any passengers or pets in the trucks. God Bless these drivers and their families. Our nations truckers work all night so your babies will have milk on the shelves in the morning. We deserve a little bit of respect. And to put things in prospective the average driver will run two -three million miles over the span of his career and might have one or two accidents. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS. Thank you Al

  • tgatz

    PENNDOT IS TO BLAME THIS THE SECOUND DEATH IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AT THE SAME SPOT!!!! I myself am a truck driver and I have almost had a wreck about in the same spot traffic stops quick u have no place to go… there needs to be signs at about the 240 starting saying to slow down but in all a trucker lost his life and I am very sorry to hear that RIP and prayers to the victims

    • edward

      so tell me if it is so hard to get a truck to stop quickly just why pray tell do most if not all truckers drive down the highway trying to push the rig ahead of them. they can’t be more than 6 to 8 feet behind the rig in front of them going 60 to 70 mph the guy in the front of the line has to atop, the rest of them ha, ha, ha, no where to go except through the truck in front of them most of the time 99.9% of the time it don’t work

  • denise

    all of you people blaming these truckers….do u even know that most trucks are governed and cant go over the speed limit? stop putting blame and pray for all those involved…my 9 yr old daughters dad is a driver and i cringe every time i hear something terrible like this…prayers!

  • Tara

    It is frustrating to hear all these comments about who is to blame. When a person lost their life in the crash. God bless the family that has indure the pain of losing their loved one. My husband is a truck driver and I always pray that I will never have to receive that phone call. Stop passing judgement and pray for the families.

  • mdog

    Humans drive suv’s buses, cars and tractors, trucks, bikes…its not the vehicle
    or the gun , spear, machete… its the human who done it.

  • AL

    I just want to know where it says that a car cut off a truck. Oh wait we are going to ASSUME that this is what happens. I am not a truck driver, and have no desire to be one. I have seen my share of isiot truck drivers, and I have seen my share of idiot car drivers. From what I read in the article it says 3 Tractor Trailers collided. If there was no car involved who do we blame?

    • Ross678

      Maybe you aught to go retake your drivers license test….. Your prob one of the idiot drivers out there…. Get over yourself and maybe have a caring heart! Don’t be a D*ck all your life! Prayers out to all involved in this tragic wreck!!!

  • Mark

    I was driving in my triaxle last night at 12:30 am on rt 476 near Chester while I was doing the speed limit and a pickup truck came from nowhere and I have no Idea how it didn’t hit my fuel tank but I thought it was going to bounce off of me? I held on tight and hoped for the best! Luckily nothing happened which I was amazed! The pickup had to be going over 80mph!

  • scott

    I have a dash cam in my truck and yes now that people are complaining about truckers im going to start putting all the jerks on youtube and yes its % 90 cars being idiots

    • kevin

      I drive a semi also and there are allot of moron truck drivers too. I see it every day it seems like very few semi drivers respect other truck drivers seems to be cool these days to go up a hill 30 mph in the middle lane no flashers on and refuse to move to the right cant back up I can go on and on.. three trucks in this crash one of these guys did something stupid I see it every day..

  • Ann

    Exactly many time the cause of these accidents are people in cars thinking they can cut a truck off or outrun them coming off a ramp. The trucks are bigger so everyone always assumes it’s their fault. Learn your facts first .

  • Kenya

    Helen you are an idiot! Have you ever ridden in a semi. Most of them are governed and can’t go over 65. It’s morons like you who cut semis off then slow down that cause most of the accidents. I ride with my husband every day. Before you flap your yap maybe you should get some firsthand experience. I’m sick and tired of people like you jumping to automatically blaming the truck driver.

  • doug minton

    Really ask a truck driver for his dash cam and watch and see how many of you idiots driving cars cause wrecks cause ya gotta get home to watch big brother and you complain when so and so store does not have your product who the hell ya think got it there I did even after almost 13 wrecks I avoided all at the same time missing time with my family and friends

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