Talkback 16: Rock Throwing, Corn Vandals, Go Joe

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In this edition of Talkback 16, topics include the teenagers accused of throwing rocks on a highway overpass, vandalism to a cornfield, and Go Joe.

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  • Rich

    Why is San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer airing millions of dollars in ads on behalf of millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf’s smear campaign against Governor Tom Corbett?
    Why isn’t WNEP reporting the fact Wolf moved his company his company to Delaware to avoid Pennsylvania taxes.

    While the rest of Pennsylvania pays their taxes, both Steyer and Wolf looked for ways to game the system and avoid paying the same high taxes they want the rest of us to pay.

    Why is Wolf attempting to destroy the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania which provides high paying jobs, safe domestic energy that helps us avoid buying energy from enemies of our country?

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