Illegal Dumping Impedes Recycling Program

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ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP -- A recycling center in Lackawanna County has been the scene of illegal dumping, and now authorities in Roaring Brook Township are out to find the people responsible.

Roaring Brook Township's recycling program is a volunteer effort, but people leaving junk at the site is now using up township time and money. Police are planning to prosecute any more illegal dumping cases.

A Roaring Brook Township supervisor snapped a picture and posted it on township's Facebook page out of disgust.

What's wrong with the picture?

Nothing in the pile of junk outside the township building near Moscow qualifies as recyclable.

According to supervisors, the junk left overnight is just the latest in a recurring problem at the township's recycling dumpster that's entirely run by volunteers.

"It's a program that benefits people and that's what it's here for and it saves them money in the long run. But, when people abuse it it's a problem," said supervisor Tony Jordan.

Jordan has helped with the recycling program for 24 years. He said the recent cases of illegal dumping are costing Roaring Brook Township more money and precious time.

Before the recycling dumpsters are hauled off to the Lackawanna County Recycling Center, it has become common practice for the township road crews and police officers to sort out everything that's not recyclable.

"It's a lot of work. It wastes a lot of employees of the township's time, because we're devoting time into things we shouldn't be devoting to. We could be doing other things," said Roaring Brook Township Police Chief Don Hickey.

Chief Hickey said he and his officers are now going to spend more time trying to track down the illegal dumpers and possibly prosecute those cases.

If caught, it could cost offenders a few hundred dollars.

It has cost the township at least that much.

"We have to pay to remove all that garbage," Jordan added.

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  • Tom

    Too much white trash in the area. Have they seen the Salvation Army boxes on 435. The trailer trash stacks their old tvs and infested mattresses 10 feet high at least once a week. Roaring brook, Springbrook, Clifton and Convington is a cesspool

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