UPDATE: Police Release Victim’s Name in Crash That Shut Down Road

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SCRANTON -- Police have released the name of the woman who was badly hurt in a crash Tuesday night.

Investigators said Teresa Osborne of Scranton crossed the center line and collided with a tractor-trailer. The wreck happened around 8:30 p.m. on the Davis Street Bridge near the border of Scranton and Taylor. Police have not said what caused Osborne's car to cross into the other lane.

Osborne was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured.

According to the Diocese of Scranton website, Osborne is the Chancellor for the Diocese.

The bridge was closed for nearly seven hours while officers reconstructed the crash.  The bridge reopened Wednesday morning.



  • Lot Lizzy

    I service a lot of these truckers. Trust me they are all over compensating for the same thing.

  • Bill

    If you look at the video picture, the truck is well inside of his lane, almost hugging the bridge in fact and is not at fault here! It is THE MINIVAN who crossed the center line and hit the truck! Just an observation for all those on here complaining about trucks!
    BTW, I do not drive truck, I an a self employed contractor!

  • dennis

    every trucking company has begun going to e-logs.. i know this because i am a truck driver.. i also have documented video proof of people in their cars cutting off drivers, texting while driving or even engaged in inappropriate activities while driving .. so if you really want to get anal about driving.. how about we take some of the cars off the road.. i will go to hell before i hang up my career that i worked my whole life for.

    • Ron

      Then there should be a record of all those big rigs going down the Giant’s Despair mountain in violation of posted road signs!

    • Louis Kotsko

      everybody Thinks They Are A Race Car Driver, They Ignore The Speed Limit Follow Way Too Close, And To Top It Off They Are Texting And Doing Everything But Paying Attention. No Need To Raise The Speed Limit, Nobody Obeys It Anyway. Don’t Waste The Taxpayers Money Changing The Signs To70. Need To Make Cellphones Inopererable if The Phone Is Moving More Than 5MPH .People Wake Up, You Are Driving On Public Streets & Highways, If You Want To Race There Are Plenty Of Drag Strips That Will Allow You To Do So. Please Wake Up And Put Safety First For Yourself & Others.

  • Ron Altenhain

    All you haters that get off blaming the truck drivers need to remember one thing. If you drive it, eat it, or even wear it a trucker spent time away from his family and friends to bring it to you.
    And better get ready to see more and more trucks clogging up the streets and messing with your busy lives during the day. Thank your Federal Government and there new regulations for that.

  • Ann

    Get them off the road during the day.. Years ago they did most of their driving at night… A few weeks ago we were drinking 81 north and in a construction area, a tractor trailer was coming on the highway, the ramp had a temporary stop sign not a yield sign, the driver ignored the sign completely and pulled onto the highway right in front of us. Thank God the person I was with was able to move over and no one was coming up along side of us or there would have been a serious accident. God forbid you are in their blind spot when they want to get in the passing lane if you are already in it trying to pass them.

  • Tiffany Stahl

    Just for one moment can we all stop the ignorance & hate and just pray for all those involved in this tragic event.

  • Monica Ann Thomas

    I really wish people would stop jumping to conclusions and placing blame without all the facts. Pray for all involved and those investigating what happened. Think about how your family would feel if you were involved.

  • Truckers wife

    All I ever see is people blaming the truck drivers. What about the cars that cut off those truckers. They don’t stop like a normal car can. Yes there are times it may be the truck drivers fault. But what are they to do when someone is preoccupied in another car and they in fact cause the accident?

  • mel

    I love how everyone always assumes it was the truck drivers fault. If you want to get them the hell off the road maybe you can figure out how you will be getting everything you need every day of every week. Without truck drivers everyone would be screwed. Think about that.. And get the facts first.

  • Here We Go Again

    On the flipside..what was the person in the mini van doing? Speeding, texting, talking on the phone, checking/yelling at his/her kid in the back seat – in other words being distracted. Without more details no one knows what happened. Let’s not blame anyone until we know all the facts.

  • Ed

    ya get them off the road and see how well you get your food at ur stores and any thing else from a store how the hell do you thing it gets there by stork ?

  • julie

    Thats all you hear about anymore is track tor trailer accidents. Get them the hell off the road, or give them stiffer penalties for driving longer than they should be.

    • April

      Everyone always blames the tractor trailer drivers it isn’t always there fault. Other people drive like idiots cutting them off and no one ever says anything about that now do they. Just want to blame the truck driver. It doesn’t even say who is responsible yet.

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