Crews Respond To Two Nearby Wrecks In Northumberland County

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TURBOT TOWNSHIP -- Crews in Northumberland County had to deal with two wrecks 10 minutes apart, within a mile of each other, Tuesday morning near Milton.

A tractor-trailer carrying scrap metal overturned around 6:20 a.m. as it was getting onto Interstate 80 west from I-180.

It dumped out a large amount of scrap metal, and it took crews most of the morning to clean it up.

No one was hurt.

Only about 10 minutes before the tractor-trailer crash, and less than one mile away, a mobile home fell off a trailer coming off the on-ramp onto Interstate 80 east from Route 147.

The trailer remained upright, but the mobile home overturned and rolled onto the side of the interstate.

No one was hurt.