Union County Teens Win National Bassmasters Championship

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MIFFLINBURG -- Two Union County teens were welcomed home by a cheering crowd and a parade Monday evening after winning a national bass fishing tournament.

Nick Osman and Garrett Enders finished first place among 60 teams at the Bassmasters National High School competition in Tennessee.

There were a few bumps along the way.

During a practice session Enders was injured on the chin by a propeller blade on the team boat. During Monday's parade you could still see the stitches on his chin.

"It really didn't hurt that bad, but I put my hand up to my chin and realized I was bleeding pretty bad," Enders said.

Prizes included a pair of boats and a college scholarship.

The first day of competition didn't bode well for a win, so Enders decided to pull out a lucky charm, a pair of well-worn brown flip flops. After that the team's luck turned.

"The first day of the tournament I was wearing sneakers. We didn't do too well, so I decided I should break out the flip flops. The last three days we did really well," Enders said.

The boys' mothers said that when their sons were younger, they dreamed of playing college football and baseball, but now a pro fishing career is tugging on the line.

"I know it is his dream and mine, too. We want to be professional bass fishermen. We are going to go to college for it. We are going to try our best to be pros," said Osman.

The tournament is scheduled to be broadcast 10:00 AM Sunday on ESPNU.

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