More Suspects Charged In Interstate Rock Case

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MIFFLINBURG -- Two more teenagers were charged Monday in a rock-throwing incident in Union County that left a woman from Ohio critically injured.

17-year-old Tyler Porter walked out of district court in Mifflinburg, surrounded by his family, after turning himself in for his role in the rock throwing incident on an interstate 80 overpass. Porter and two other teens, Brett Lahr and Dylan Lahr face a long list of charges including aggravated assault. Another teen was charged as a juvenile and faces similar charges.

According to court papers, porter admits to throwing rocks off the overpass, but blames Dylan Lahr for throwing the rock that hit Sharon Budd of Ohio.

"Do you have anything to say, sir? Yes I do. I`m very sorry about what happened. My son did not throw the rock. He was involved but he`s cooperating. We`re going to get through this. I feel really bad. I wish I could help the lady, be in her place, something," Porter's dad said.

Someone who also wishes they could trade places with Sharon is her husband Randy. Randy says the family is taking it day by day after Sharon's 13 hour surgery.

"They had to completely replace her face. The specialist that was working on her face said it was the worst case he's ever seen," Randy Budd said.

Randy Budd says doctors also had to remove part of Sharon's brain.

"They're indicating that the part that they took is basically who she is, and she is such a great person," Budd said.

Budd says Sharon is a school teacher and a breast cancer survivor. When I asked him to comment on the four teenagers facing charges, he said he hopes for justice, but his only concern right now is Sharon. Budd says he is overwhelmed with the support his wife is getting.

"Sometimes I ask myself why, and then I'm like, that's easy. It's Sharon. It's all about Sharon," Budd said.

Randy Budd says there are various fundraisers taking place to help his wife, like this one.

As for the four teenagers charged with the crime, at least three of them are out on bail.


  • Fratboy

    Is that Tyler’s dad in the picture? He looks like an arrogant thing. This kid may as we’ll be smiling because daddy is gonna get him out of this mess.

  • qwkinuf

    Put them in big boys prison for several years because that is exactly what they deserve. Hopefully the Budds will sue those little POS cowards and their parents into total and utter destitution.

  • Qwerty

    All these self-righteous people out here, look at you. Congratulations on getting 30 or so likes on your comment just because you felt compelled by a supernatural force to say something. Let’s all pretend, just only pretend, that you have never done some rediculous act that would have put your life or another’s in harms way. Your maltious angry posts about how this is the worst thing in the world sickens me. It is scientific proof that the brain does not fully develope until the age of 25 and the way it is molded is purely by external influences. I’m not here to say what’s right and what’s wrong, I am not a god nor am I a judge, but these heartless posts sadden me. Your posts are only a cry out explaining that personally have not gone out of your way to forgive some on. In short, no one is an adult until the age of 25 and no one can ever say that they have not endangered another persons life.

    • Heather

      Nope–I have never done anything to put someone in harms way. Have I prank-called people as a teenager–yes. Did I once toilet paper someone’s house–yes. Did I even yell something stupid at some of my friends on bicycles once when I got my first car and I rode past them on the street-yes. I have never even once thought to throw a 30 lb. rock onto a moving vehicle or to threaten anyone’s life in such a way. The boys charged in this were old enough to know better than to directly and with intent to harm do this kind of action–that is, if they have any brain at all. God knows they took a teacher’s brain away from her–but they get to keep their stupid ones. Doesn’t seem too fair, now does it? Scoop them out and give them a lobotomy like they made her suffer! Let the punishment fit the crime.

    • Jackie

      For many past generations in this country, people in their teenage years worked, married, raised children, went to war. We didn’t used to baby an entire generation, excusing their narcissistic and juvenile behavior. My grandfather went to work at age 11 to help support his family. He married my grandma when she was only 16, and they established a home and raised some terrific kids. The story is similar for my parents and many,many others I know. I guess no one told them their brain wasn’t fully developed so they had a right to act like animals and hurt others.

    • K

      Stay off the pipe! 18 is considered an adult legally, and most religions acknowledge the age of accountability has being 12-13! Anyway, EVEN If we went with YOUR views, what say you about anyone over the age of 25 still doing stupid sh*t? Truth is stupid sh*t tends to become a track record. If you read more recent articles they said they had every intention that day to cause mayhem!

  • Kaf

    I don’t understand why the names and faces of these guys are not blasted over the internet in shame and why are they out on bail??? Are they being protected? This was a violent and hideous act. They should not be on the streets!

  • Cathy Yutko (@cyutko)

    Poor Sharon and her family, I feel so bad for her. To endure a 13 hour surgery and to have her whole face reconstructed and part of her brain removed, OMG. All because of 4 stupid kids. To through a boulder off an overpass, they knew it would cause great harm and destruction. They deserve to be punished to the fullest extent. This poor lady is going to suffer for the rest of her life, and they should too.

  • Jesus

    As horrible as this act was, I cannot help but feel for the parents as well. I don’t know why these kids would do this, maybe they were drunk, that doesn’t excuse them, I’m just trying to think why they would do something so stupid, but it will cause heartache and suffering for their families too. Teenagers can be stupid and thoughtless, and they have ruined a family maybe taken a life, she is not out of the woods yet. It’s tragedy for everyone, and my heart breaks for all of them. That poor woman, the part that strikes me is the fact that she helped boys like these who have gone off the rails, it’s sad, so sad.

  • The Hermit

    Mr. Porter said “we just want to get through this”. Sir, this matter will never be over for you or your son. Their will be a trial, likely jail time, the criminal record and then come the civil lawsuits. You and yours will be working the rest of your lives for the woman who’s life has been destroyed.


    Ok, let me get this right — ( 4 ) Kids old enough to do better, 1 an Adult – So ( 4 ) Seperate Brains, and not a ( 1 ) had enough Brain Cells to say ” Hey Guy’s, this could kill someone ! Make them flip their car, crash head on into another vehicle, kill someone, give them a heart attack etc. !”

    I am not gonna buy their poor excuse to defend themselves, they are just sad they got caught. ( 4 ) Individuals, and none of them realized this could happen ? I DON’T BUY IT ! And neither should the Police, Judge and Jury ! This poor woman beat Cancer, minding her own business, and has this dealt to her from ( 4 ) Youths with Evil in their Heart !
    PLEASE Courts, make an example out of these youth, to deter other wannabees from this HORRIFIC Crime ! God Bless you Sharon, and your family, this is heartbreaking what happened to you and your family ! And they MUST Pay the price for this, and hopefully the Law will do it’s Job with punishment to deter other Evil Acts like this !

    • BR

      Punish for life? Two wrongs never make a right. Punishment? Yes. Restitution? Absolutely. But a lifetime punishment for youthful stupidity just multiplies this horrible tragedy by four more lives…one is enough.

      • BZ22

        What type restitution is enough for the family who has been devastated for life by the actions of a few kids out for kicks and fun? The woman lost an eye and part of her brain. Some of these kids are juveniles who could get a slap on the wrist, their records sealed and ride off into the sunset. Unfortunately, the VICTIM and her family won’t get such an opportunity and have to live with a sentence they didn’t deserve for the rest of their lives!

  • Snshn

    I have to agree with BR.
    Yes, these kids knew what they were doing. I don’t however think they’d known what the consequences of their actions would be.
    Your all calling for murder charges, hands cut off, etc.
    I myself haven’t a clue to what their punishment should be, though they do need to be punished.
    My heart goes out to that poor woman and their family. As the woman’s husband said “Right now it’s all about Sharon”.
    What of the NJ man who’d been sentenced to only 2-4 years for strangling his friend?
    You sound like a vigilante group. Thoughts and prayers to Sharon, Randy, and their family.

  • BR

    They are foolish boys who knew full well what they were doing, but had no idea of the horrible consequences of their actions. I hope the Budd family will find it in their heart to forgive…for their sake. What their punishment must be is difficult to say. And whatever it is, it must include restitution for the family. Praying for a wise judge and jury.

  • bonnie

    The young men who did this hiddious crime should get the death sentence!!!!!! The woman and her family will never be the same. Give these poor people justice!

  • John Strickland

    These Kids better get a substantial sentence….they need to be made an example of,how can this kind of behavior be deterred, if we keep letting the people who engage in these types of behavior off with a “Slap On The Wrist” The punishment needs to fit the crime,a harsh crime warrants a harsh sentence.This woman,even if she survives….will NEVER be the same.

  • Zach W.

    I think the book should be thrown at these kids but an attempted murder charge would never hold. They would have to prove that these kids intended to murder someone. The idiots probably thought they’d cause some damage to a car and it’d be just that, but they’re callous actions put a woman in intensive care and have essentially destroyed the person she was. It makes me sick that they’re trying to pass the blame around when all 4 are equally guilty.

  • Fred Wheeler

    I believe these punks should have the Budd family hit them with rocks thrown from the same overpass!!! I agree,with the early post, where were their parents when they were growing up. I’d give the parents(s) a F for their parenting skills. Throw them in jail and never let them OUT!!


    I am NO Racist ! These WHITE PUNKS enrage me for what they did to this poor woman and her family as much as that BLACK PUNK Dread Lock Aziz, you know the one who killed the Cab driver in Scranton ! How bout these White Punks, and the Black Punk all sharing a big cell and they can do to each other whatever they want ! So Sick of the Trash !

    Good grief, I cannot believe the amount of EVIL people living in NEPA who have no regard for their fellow humans !

  • mdog

    The guilty party needs to lose an eye and become severely disfigured as his victim is.
    2nd this is ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE AND A TERRORIST ACT upon other human beings.
    The hands that threw the rock need to be removed.Just one of these perpetrators not all
    just the one who is the main actor. Keep in mind he could have killed a whole family he certainly scared this family for life.God Bless this girl.

  • MWM

    “Newswatch 16 spoke with Budd’s husband who says Sharon recently had a 13-hour surgery. Doctors removed part of her brain and Budd says doctors are indicating it is the section of the brain that controls Sharon’s personality.
    “Her family, we’re not going to have Sharon anymore. Her kids aren’t going to have mom anymore. We’re hoping at some level we can get her close to where she was before, but it’s going to be a long, long road,” Budd said.

  • Johnson

    I would really like to see someone interview these kids to get a full profile on them. Who does that and why? They’re old enough to look before they chuck a rock so how are we supposed to believe it was an accident? These kids are sociopaths in the making probably never had consequences for their own actions. It’s what happens when you have uninterested parents that treat their kids like Kings that can do no wrong. Bored and cold.

  • JB

    I know you are all upset but there’s 0% chance attempted murder charges would be held up in court. 0%.

    • JB

      To those who thumb-down me, how exactly are you going to prove intent to murder on this? Would love to hear what you think will hold up in court. These kids are incredibly stupid and immature and have not only turned that family’s life upside down but they have destroyed theirs as well, but that still doesn’t provide any evidence at all for ATTEMPTED MURDER. Set your emotions aside and use your brain. An attempted murder charge wouldn’t get past the preliminary hearing.

      • VP

        They could be charged for attempted murder. Why would these kids throw a rock in the 1st place? Chances are they threw it to cause an accident in which case could qualify as attempted murder.

      • MWM

        So what would you call it, attempted uber-stupidity? What possibly been the point in throwing rocks at cars from the overpass? What was their motive? Telling people who are angry and disturbed to “use their brain,” clearly shows the absence of yours! Do I think they should get the death penalty, thrown off a bridge, etc…? NO. But they need a sentence firm enough that will not only give them pause of ever doing something that stupid and cruel again, it will set an example for other geniuses that think it’s no big deal to hurl missiles at motorists. This is no joke, this woman is in bad shape, but she will make it. This family’s only crime is driving in their own car on highways that tax dollars pay for and she is supposed to expect some dysfunctional teen(s) who is mad at the world is going to ruin their vacation because what? Because our towns have nothing better to offer them? Maybe we should air-drop a load of them in Somalia and see what they think about what life is like there!?

      • John Strickland

        If someone is gonna throw a rock (supposedly as big as a bowling ball) from an overpass,and into oncoming traffic…They had to know that it could at the minimum cause serious injury,and or death.This kids will most likely get away with it,whatever the sentence is…It won’t be enough.

      • Gretchen Trumper

        Technically, the only difference between aggravated assault and attempted murder is intent. The charges are just as serious. Intent is hard to prove.

    • Rick J.

      Agree with JB. People who think is is attempted murder clearly do not know the definition of attempted murder.

      • John Strickland

        I wonder what kind of damage they did think would happen? If someone is throwing an 8 pound rock,into oncoming traffic (moving at 60mph or faster) what did they think the outcome might be…did they think the outcome was gonna be good? They knew exactly what they were doing…they are not sorry,just sorry they got caught.

    • Warløck

      The people who think these kids should be charged with attempted murder will be the same morons who cry like babies when they can’t get a conviction on such a charge and the kids go free.

      Not a lot of lawyers in this crowd, you can tell.

  • Kelly Ashland

    the charges defiantly don’t fit the crime. these guys new what they were doing they got a big rock waited until a car came with the intent to drop the rock on the car. so the charges should be an attempted murder charge for each of the people in the car and an aggravated assault for each person in the car against these guys. these guys should not be seeing the light of day again, they destroyed this family.

  • BZ22

    Will this be yet another family left devastated and suffering while a juvenile gets a light sentence, if any, his record sealed and allowed to ride off into the sunset?

    • Rebecca

      Depends on who the parents know, and how much money they have. Just watch – the poorer of the group will suffer the most.

    • Warløck

      Yeah, brilliant. And then another family is destroyed when his flailing body goes through a windshield and kills someone.

      You people really don’t think things through, do you? Which is exactly why we’re having this discussion. And you people complain about those from outside Pennsylvania.

      • Bruce Griffith

        You throw him off the overpass when the road is closed. Why would you repeat this tragedy?

    • Hallie

      That is so rude. I know what he did was wrong but I knew all of them and they were my friends. They had bright futures and now they have nothing. So stop being so rude about it. Y’all are making everything worse. Let them have their punishment without everyone putting their stupid nose in their business. So lay off will you. My gosh. So pathetic. Everyone who made a rude comment about them is pathetic. And everyone knows what happens with Karma, so watch out.


    THESE KIDS MAKE ME SICK !!!!! Do the Crime you DO your time ! Freaking Idiots ! Attempted Murder should be the charge ! Like I said at 5 years Old I knew there would be HELLISH Consequences for Drivers and myself if I threw rocks at moving car, these jerks knew this could kill someone ! Also could of made someone swerve and hit someone head on killing a person or people also ! ATTEMPTED MURDER in my opinion ! THROW THE BOOK AT THESE CLOWNS ! God Bless this poor unfortunate woman and her family !

      • K

        Well that crack came out of left field! How do you know that person is a Christian or not and who are YOU to judge what anyone’s walk should be like?!? A lot of people are angry at this senseless act of violence and we all now know it was intentional. Grace as nothing to do with absolution in this life necessarily, they need to answer for their malice. What about THEIR Christianity? According to the Word, the age of accountability is 13 yes? No? We all know John 3:16, and it’s for the whole world, including these individuals who did this, however, the second part to reception is conviction and confession and then on with your life following in the footsteps of Christ, that’s a Christian. Get it? Jesus flipped tables for less! I thought it was justice when dahmer was beat to death in jail. So I am not a Christian now because I feel he got his just desserts?

  • Dexter Morgan

    This is absurd. This guy knew what he was doing was wrong and could hurt someone when he threw that rock off the bridge. What kind of sicko does something like that?!

  • JP

    His backside should be in jail on attempted murder, right alongside the other two. And anyone else involved! Low Life’s I hope the dad is using an old fashioned paddle on the hour every hour for this kid who gets to sit home and play vidoe games, while someone he helped to put in the hospital does not have that luxury or any other. I hope this family sues the crap out of these guys, and to some extent the parents. These punks deserve everything they have coming.

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