Farmer: Corn Destroyed by Vandals

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A well-known farmer in our area is out a lot of crop and several hundred dollars after his cornfield in Luzerne County was vandalized over the weekend.

Farmer Larry O'Malia believes ATV riders drove through the cornfield at O'Malia Farm and Greenhouse, destroying hundreds of ears of corn and costing him lots of time and money.

"It ended up happening in a field which we're about one week away from picking," O'Malia said.

O'Malia said tire tracks lead him to believe that people on ATV's rode through the cornfields. Some of the corn that was nearly ready is now crushed and can't be salvaged.

O'Malia believes people are riding ATV's along the railroad tracks and down a path that brings them right into his cornfields.

"You simply can't patrol farmland, 40 acres of farmland, 24 hours a day. That itself would be almost not cost-effective," O'Malia said.

O'Malia said he lost about $500 worth of the crop and countless hours on the farm, planting and tending to the corn. All of it is now wasted.

"It makes me sick. It really does because it's such hard work, farming, and then all for nothing like that. It's just terrible."

"They depend on these things to carry them through the winter when there's no money coming in, and to have something happen like this, it's hard to swallow," said Tom Supey of West Pittston, a long-time O'Malia shopper.

"Some customers may go without corn on their table for the weekend, which we don't like to see happen because our intention is to have corn every week up until the beginning of October," O'Malia said.

O'Malia has contacted the police about the vandalism and has also spoken to the railroad company, to have it put up fences along the tracks near his fields. He added with the economy the way it is, he doesn't see that happening any time soon.


  • JP

    Honestly WARLOCK, if you have done this your an idiot to. It is still his property, just the same as if someone burned down a garage. I ride four wheelers and grew up around farms, and the thought never crossed my mind. I’ve even thrown kids off of properties for riding around in the farmers hay. If it isn’t yours or don’t have permission to be there, then stay the hell off. This is one reason why ATV riders have limited places to rides, cause of IDIOTS.

  • MWM

    What a terrible and thoughtless thing to do I hope they are found out and made to pay for this farmer’s loss. Might be a good idea not to let one’s kids run random on these things..if these were adults, you’re imbeciles.

    • MB

      Ok, honestly….NO! But then I grew up on a farm and I know what is involved in raising crops and livestock.

    • Bill

      Warlock, um most people haven’t done this because they are NORMAL.I see you’re pro-vandalism. Hope you’re on the receiving end real quick. Scumbag.

    • PROUD Farmer's Daughter

      THAT is lousy WARLOCK !!!! I don’t even know who you are and wouldn’t care to…I don’t even like your screen name ! AND this is so lousy what these inconsiderate brainless jerks did to this farmers field !!! How would you like it if someone like you or these idiots who did this to the farmer came in and destroyed your property?? That takes money out of their pockets and food from someone’s tables. My father was a farmer and he plowed fields with teams of horses . I live in a farming community and I know the work , sweat, worry and back breaking job it is that goes into supplying food even for your belly ! Society is being ruined because of idiots like you and these characters! I hope they find the culprits and make them work that field by hand in ALL sorts of weather in retribution for this damage ! Boy this burns me !! Grow up !!!

    • BZ22

      I’d certainly hope the response would be the majority of people have never done such a thing because they respect other people’s personal and private property!!! Some disrespectful, selfish, trespassing joy riders destroys property and that’s acceptable? Your neighbors could park their cars on your front porch, etc., and it would be fine?

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