Teachers Picketing for Health Care in Lackawanna County

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Teachers hit the picket line for health care in Lackawanna County.

Teachers in the Abington Heights School District announced Thursday they will strike starting September 11th.

Educators in the Clarks Summit area have been working without a contract for three years.

"The only time we did settle without a strike was in 2008. So, is it exhausting? Absolutely. Is it something we're used to? Unfortunately," said Jim Maria, Abington Heights Education Association.

The teachers said the main issue for picketing is health care benefits in Lackawanna County.



  • Enough is enough.

    @ Working Momma
    Maybe its time we home school the children (for those willing to do it), and cyber school as well. Because Ive been In Abington (former student) and really the only thing I learned was school was more about passing than learning. It was entirely a joke. The dress code, tests, and the disciplinary actions that are taken too are just another clown added to their circus. Its time we teach our kids actual values of life, what to do and what not to do, be their guidance and their conscience which this school barely hasn’t with some of the classes there. The only valuable thing I learned was CPR and the small life advice I took from one of my favorite teachers. If a momma bird can get their young to fly from the nest then I think its time we take it into our own hands because strikes deprive of education and having you stay home and miss work, hire a babysitter which is money, or a daycare which is more money. Why should you hardworking parents suffer??? Why should you suffer from a teachers selfishness? They should be equal to everyone else and pay on healthcare like everyone does. I mean you all work 365 days and they get summers off but still get a paycheck. I bet if they didn’t get paid in the summer they will drop those signs REAL FAST and learn not to do this ridiculousness again. I think that’s a fair lesson to teach them. I think 2 – whatever amount of weeks they bag on is an impact on your kids and you. It impacts their summers which is the most carefree time of their lives, and for the upcoming graduates they will loathe that they’ll graduate late June or maybe July and start skipping out on school. Its time the teachers get schooled on fairness. Strikes barely occurred in these teachers time when they were younger so this is just a big over reaction! Enough is enough. Like I stated in the first sentence, sometimes not all families have time for that and public schooling is the only option. You shouldn’t let these teachers take control of your time when its needed to put food on the table and pay the bills. They shouldn’t even deprive your child’s education they’re the ones that are supposed to fulfill it, its their job and its time they start doing it! This isn’t fair and right for them to do!

  • Working Mama

    Why wait to strike?
    Why bring the student body in only to strike 3 days later?
    What message does that send to the student body? Bring them in get them excited for the school year, only to have them sit home for 2 weeks!?

    To the AH union board, the President, VP, etc…what do you propose we tell our children?
    I am sorry but you do not have school today, maybe not tomorrow, not sure about the next day because your teachers would like more money? And when they ask Mommy and Daddy, do you get more money every year? Well kids, the days of annual raises and cost of living increases do not really happen as often as they did in years past because the current state of our economy. However Mommy and Daddy still go to work 365 days year, because they need to support our family. Mommy and Daddy, why do our teachers not do the same? Great question, maybe we shoud all go to a union meeting and ask, because Mommy and Daddy do not understand, nor do our neighbors.
    In years past, the union the teachers, they had support of the AH community. What support do you have today? The 2013/2014 school year really set the bar for the loss of that support – you see … when you chose to bring it in the classroom, you lost all support of the AH community and parents. No teacher recommendations letters … hmmm … really?? for our future for these kids that worked their rear ends and heart out to get here only for you to say no. WOW!!! Graduation 2014 – FACULTY … where were you? Year after year there are fewer of you in attendance, you should be proud and honored, instead you have proven to be a HUGE disappointment to the community and most importantly the STUDENT BODY!!! This year you have truly shown your true colors!!
    Do you realize the health care option that was given to you is still AMAZING. The fact that the board agreed to that is HUGE and it STILL was not good enough for the UNION, yes I say the UNION, because the fact of the matter is not ALL AH teachers support this!!! However for fear of the UNION, they will stand. For the one teacher that walked at graduation – GOOD FOR YOU!!! You define TEACHER!!! In todays society UNION REPS – there is no free healthcare, the pensions of yesterday or no longer there today!! Be grateful for what was gifted to you by the board, before they change their minds. We all pay health care these days, pensions are days of the past … you STILL have that, and you want MORE MORE MORE and you give LESS LESS LESS!!!
    Reality check UNION REPS – get a grip before they start to cut programs and teachers, because that is just around the corner with a frustrated AH community of students, parents and taxpayers!

  • Charlie Lucky

    OVER PAID AND UNDER WORKED!!!!! The whole lot of them, and all they do is cry cry cry. Let us all keep in mind that they’re YEARLY SALARY IS BASED UPON 180 days of work, THATS IT. While the rest of the working world’s YEARLY SALARY is based on 250 DAYS, and that is if we get Saturday and Sunday off, with 2 weeks vacation. So lets do the math, $60,000 per year, divided by 180 days, comes to $333 per day, for teachers. Now, $60,000 a year, divided by 250 days comes to $240 per day, for the rest of the world. Thats $97 dollars more per day, AND THEY CRY CRY CRY>>>>>>>>>>

  • Shaking my Head

    I graduated not too long ago from here and watching that video literally disappointed me, there are a few teachers I had and have talked to while I was still in school and have given good life advice…But I am shocked I am seeing them in that video. Look I know we are all struggling but don’t put your needs before the kids, they need to learn and progress further in their young lives. I’m not as upset about the reason of their striking as much as I should be, Im only upset at the fact these people gave me a reason to go to school everyday because not only they have given wise advice but they make school easier on everyone. These people went to school for their degrees so they need to think of the real reason why they wanted to be a teacher a perused their dream of becoming one…Dont mind me, Im just shaking my head in disappointment.


    wanna strike? put some skin in the game. How about 2 days lost pay for every day on strike? Watch how fast those picket signs hit the ground.

  • Tina McCall

    The kids are the ones that suffer. Put your priorities in order, did you become a teacher for the union, tenure, having summers off and still receiving a paycheck or to complain about paying for something you should contribute to? Or was it because you wanted to make a difference in someone’s life? Get real, instead of nepotism, get people in there who want to teach and guide students to succeed.

  • tom

    This is America,teachers.We all have to pay health care premiums-copays.”No one rides for free”.We’re all in the same boat-healthcare in America is lousy-nothing you can do about it.

    • Jenna

      I agree!!! so sick of hearing about healthcare benefits OH NO you have to contribute …..well welcome to the real world where nothing is free… At least you have a pension… Not many do….AND A JOB! STOP BEING GREEDY!!!

  • Gerald

    Professors at public colleges in Pennsylvania started contributing to their health care premiums several years ago. Teachers at local public schools continue to demand no contributions to health care premiums. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • TONY


  • Fratboy

    Why Sylvester? Because teachers want a fair compensation package? You must be happy with the perks of your job. Glad for you. Others have to claw for their piece of the American pie-why spend dollars and time to become a teacher if you are going to get burger flipper’s pay? Your idea of a teacher is to ask open-ended questions “do you want fries, with that!”

    • D

      Teachers aren’t the ONLY ones that go to college! But they ARE the only ones that expect health care for nothing…and a little on the side for their “retirement”. There are plenty of could be teachers out there to willingly take their places.

    • tom

      Fratboy-I understand what yo mean-college,student loans-it’s just how it is for all of us.You are not going to tell average working people what you mean.healthcare premiums-that they have to pay-cost of living.Taxes & utilities skyrocket.It’s just how we all live.Remember all this at election time.Vote for someone responsible-if you can find anyone.Someone who can straighten things out-without interests of big business-easpecially healthcare industry and the big profit drug companies.

    • lkreu

      Everyone pays for their healthcare – Abington Heights teachers ARE the highest paid in the county – They are the only ones that have school loans, higher taxes, higher cost of living WE ARE all dealing with that AND pay for our health care – no more free rides

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