Shots Fired in Two Sections of Hazleton

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HAZLETON --  Police said there were two incidents where shots were fired in Hazleton.

Police said the first happened in the area of West 7th Street and Penn Court just after 1:00a.m. on Friday where two vehicles were seen driving away.

According to authorities, the second happened about an hour later near East First Street and Garibaldi Court where investigators said two people were trading shots.

Officials said no one was hit but a vehicle was damaged by the gunfire.

Police in Hazleton have not said if these two incidents are connected in Luzerne County.


  • Me

    Hazleton has become the slum of Pennsylvania.
    Murders , robberies, gun wielding lunatics, kidnappings, bank robberies,…and that’s all before 11am !

    Someone should burn that city to the ground !!

  • a tax paying citizen

    time to round up all the illegals and ship them back to where they came from or to where the former mayor quigley lives and let them live there since it wasn’t for him and st gabe’s church getting a grant to build that god forsaking high school and what ever else they used the money for we wouldn’t be in this situation great idea to avertising in NY for all the low lifes to move here…think it’s time that this town takes back what is theirs from the scum that has moved in that live off the govt…what a joke hazleton has made of itself

      • A taxpaying citizen

        exactly the origin of it all.. took the cash and ran .. is exactly what quigley did and left the people in hazleton with a pile of SH*T!!

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