Police: Teen Shot in the Leg in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT — A young man is in the hospital after getting shot in Williamsport.

Police told Newswatch 16 the teen was found shot in the leg in the 600 block of Herdic Street just before 1:00a.m. Friday morning.

Authorities said the victim, who’s between 16 and 18 years old, had to be flown to the hospital.

Police said the victim could not tell them what led to the shooting in Lycoming County.


  • Dee Frazier

    I am a researcher & maintenance clerk II who would love the job with the Sun Gazette proofing! I just listened to a video of an accident and that fellow (PH) needs some training in reporting. He hemmed and hawed so bad it was embarassing. Camera mainly showing people sweeping up the glass.

  • Fratboy

    Chill, L.C: today’s tirade is about illegals pouring into the country. You should change your initials to PC. If all you got from my post was that, you need to seriously talk to you anal-yst.

  • What has the town come to ?

    Apparently the reporter was up to late, or tired ?? This story blows ! Herdic Street about 1 or so mile from Williamsport Hospital, so if flown would that be to Geisinger in Danville I assume ?

    Could not tell the Police ? Or Would not tell the Police ? Sometime the gang bangers, dope heads don’t rat on the people that even shoot them. If he lost lots of blood then he may not of been able to tell police from shock, and weakness. If he chose not to tell, then he was up to NO GOOD !

  • tom

    A teen-1:00am in yhtmorning?Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?Hmmmm-where’s his folks while this was going on.Oh-i forgot this is our new life in NEPA.Guns-idiots out on the steets.(ok-hunters & the like-before you start screamng about constiution & rights-I don’t mean you guys).

  • Fratboy

    Did an illegal immigrant write this story? What part of the body is Williamsport? Which hospital was he/she flown to? Who found this child? So, you listen to the police scanner-do you do more than that? WNEP has really dropped in quality. Are you employing Sun- Gazette reporters?

    • LC

      “Did an illegal immigrant write this story?” How low quality is your university that you still talk with such ignorance, fratboy? People like you are the reason the rest of get out. Even with an education people are still terrible.

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