Local Travelers: Fear Won’t Stop Us From Flying

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LUZERNE COUNTY – As authorities investigate the circumstances of a deadly plane crash in Ukraine, travelers in the Wyoming Valley told Newswatch 16 that they will not let fear keep them from flying.

Mae Licata of Dallas said she already has plane tickets booked to visit friends in Europe later this year.

“I’m planning a big trip and I am concerned. I wasn’t when we first made the plans, but I am now.” said Licata. “If you were nervous about everything, you wouldn’t go anywhere. You’d just be afraid to do anything.”

At a shopping plaza in Luzerne, Bill Iveson of Kingston said he’s not worried about his family members that traveled to visit the Dominican Republican yesterday, but his heart goes out to a man he recently met on a cruise ship, who escaped the conflict in the Ukraine.

“He was in his twenties and he was scared to death for his family back in the Ukraine,” said Iveson.


  • mwm

    When you comment on this article, I ask that you please bear in mind the families in Ukraine who might be reading this.

    • DingleBerry Jones

      Oh, you mean the families of the men who shot the plane down? I’m a little more concerned about the Dutch, Malaysian, and others, who’s families were ON the plane.

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