UPDATE: Why are Promised Safety Upgrades at Sherman Hills Delayed?

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WILKES-BARRE-- Two people were sent to the hospital after a late night shooting in Luzerne County.

Shots rang out at Sherman Hills housing complex just before 11:30 last night after an attempted robbery.

Police told Newswatch 16 that the two victims were both men in their early 20s.

Officers have not released their names or conditions.

There are still plenty of questions about the shooting, as well as the promised safety upgrades at Sherman Hills.

A new fence was put up around the property months ago after an outcry over continued violence, but residents tell us work on the fence has since stopped, and there's no sign of the promised gates, guard shacks, or security officers.

A task force to help improve safety at Sherman Hills says that Treetop Development of New Jersey bought this low income housing property earlier this year.

Several residents at Sherman Hills told Newswatch 16 that they have not seen contractors working on safety improvements for more than a month.

“They’re falling through, they’re not holding up to their end of the deal,” said Ryan Hartman. “All they did was put new shades up and new curtains. That’s it so far.”

Shaqwanna Foster said she was frustrated to hear about the latest report of violence at the low-income housing complex, near the daycare she was signing her children up for.

“It’s very disheartening as well as just sad, because bullets don’t have names,” said Foster. “Going about your business, trying to survive and in an instant, you could be gunned down. I mean I didn’t realize we were living in the Wild, Wild West.”

Workers at the Sherman Hills office and Wilkes-Barre officials have not yet offered any explanation about the apparent delay in safety upgrades.

A representative for the United States Housing Department of Housing and Urban Development said the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Contract was transferred to the new owner in April.

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright released a statement Wednesday evening that said the new owners have fulfilled some of the agreements, including repairs to broken surveillance cameras.

“The main challenge that remains is the question of whether the prior owner’s promise of a gate/guard house system can be fulfilled and, if so, to what extent,” said Cartwright.

A representative for the new owners of Sherman Hills told Newswatch 16 that it has not abandoned plans to complete improvements, but he could not provide an explanation for the delay or when he expects the work to be completed.


  • brittany

    First of all the news didn’t say the whole story. ..and for all of toy criticizing for nothing is a joke…what does welfare have ro do with it the people who got shot isn’t even on welfare…they didn’t even live there….Second of all before you all judge there was another person shot last night and it wasn’t even at Sherman hills but the news didn’t say anything about that…yhe bottom of the line is there is a person shooting people out there and needs to stop…so welfare has nothing to do with it

    • deborahrmorgan

      Ok….the other shooting was nearby…..though………that character wouldnt even give his name. If you dont live there why would anyone go there its not a special destination or is it?

  • NEPA.Observer

    Shaqwanna Foster’s comments are very interesting, considering her son Elijah has a similar matter pending before the Court. Unreal.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Don’t expect luzerne county to do all that much to shut this place down. Don’t forget how much section 8 money is dumped into this place. Section 8 makes $ of the tenants that live in places. So, the more, the merrier. Cut the welfare funding and cut the life blood to half the problems in this area and country.

  • mAC dADDY

    The Luzerne County Medical Examiner has scheduled autopsies for Thursday morning. Dead or alive!

  • JP

    I have a question, what is there to steal at Sherman Hills?? The only thing you ever hear about it is either gun related or drug related. Don’t know what the answer is, cause kicking people out wil just move them to someone else’s neighborhood and I surely don’t want them living near me. I do feel for the ones that are just trying to survive and just have nowhere else to go.

  • tom

    Sherman Hills again.A great idea-plow the complex under-take the residents there to the Mexican border and let ’em all cross just like Mex. allowed all those folfs to cross-let it be their problem.Meico should have lots of jobs-alot of our jobs went there.Then the people would work-not alot of time on their hands for this nonsense.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I may take my kids on a field trip to the Sherman hills zoo. It would save driving all the way to Philly.

    So, they put up a fence and enacted a one strike landlord/tenant ordinance to curb these types of crimes and yet it’s still happening. Hmm, strange.

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