Police: Girl Attacked at a Park in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- A girl was attacked Monday evening in Kirby Park in Wilkes-Barre.

Police said the girl, who is under 18, told them that a man sexually assaulted her around 5 p.m., dragging her into the woods near the Market Street Bridge, telling her not to tell anyone.

"It's scary because I've come down here at five and walked around and you just never know," said Rich Karlotski of Plymouth.

Karlotski said he plays ball at Kirby Park a couple times a week.

"Out of 100 guys, you're going to have 99 that are good and you're always going to have that one that's not doing the right thing," said Karlotski.

"It's terrible. Kids can't even come to the park anymore," said Darlene Brejcak of Jenkins Township.

Police patrolled the area where the alleged assault occurred, looking for the suspect, but some people said there needs to be more security at Kirby Park.

"Undercover people on bicycles. I mean, that was terrible that happened at around five o'clock. I mean, my goodness. It's still daytime," Brejcak said.

Christopher Loeffler of Pittston has two teenage daughters and said he has a lot of rules when they leave the house.

"Make sure you let me know where you are, how long you're going to be gone, who you're going with, and what time to check in," Loeffler said.

Loeffler said he can't believe a girl was attacked in such a popular public place.

"Take advantage of little kids like that, that's not right."

Officers said the man who attacked the girl in Luzerne County has dirty blonde hair and is missing teeth. He also had a pink bag and a red bicycle. Anyone with any information is asked to call police in Wilkes-Barre.


  • josh

    At 18, she can legally own and carry a handgun for self defense in PA. Hopefully she won’t be willing to be a victim a second time and will learn to defend herself.

  • Family Friend....

    It was 3:30 in the afternoon that she was dropped of with her friends. It is pretty sad that teenage girls can not get together and be teenagers today. The city of WB should have a post that squatters live near by for those who do not know. Please my friends family alone and let them deal with this themselves.

  • wattson

    Hello World: Before you go commenting about ‘common sense’, make sure you know real the facts first. The real description of the scumbag is: Height 5ft 10in. – 6ft 1 in., Skinny White Male with a New York accent, very short to short dirty blond hair, No visible tattoos (None on arms or face) Teeth- yellowing to starting to decay, was wearing a white tank Top shirt with blue cargo jeans, had a red bike bmx style with a white plastic bag on seat, a pink backpack, no necklaces or bracelets/armbands or rings, before he committed the ‘assualt’ he mentioned he was 29 (Age- 27 to 30) Kirby Park area by the market street bridge walking along the path. Took off over the hill. Oh had red/white sneakers.

    • Hello World

      Did i say i was concerned with what he looked like? All I said was that people should have more common sense. Walking in Kirby park alone is not safe, it doesnt matter what time of day it is or how old you are for that matter. But under no circumstances should anyone under 18 be there unsupervised or without a “buddy”. End of story. If I know 40 year old women that dont feel safe going for walks in that park or along the dike, what makes it safe for a girl under 18 to be roaming around in the same park?? I had enough common sense at an age much younger than 18, and still do now at the age of 20, that tells me that going anywhere alone if you do not have to is a possible danger to my safety, especially being a female. It is a scary world that we are coming to and you cannot just overlook your personal safety anymore for even the simplest walk in the park or to a friends house.

      • Hello World

        If her friends left her there alone, she needs to look for better friends. Its unfortunate that something like this ended up happened to her.

    • MWM

      Either CLEARLY her meds aren’t working, or he/she works on the inside. I commented an opinion on a more recent report that I didn’t think the article was expressed properly. Not only did this ignoramus tear into me like I was a serial killer, WNEP prevented me from commenting back. WNEP you are all we got around here other than Pennlive. I lean towards WNEP, however, just because we are NOT NYC do you have to try SO hard to behave like a mickey-mouse news station?
      My guess is Hello World is a female because of her hysterical blather. Gives REAL women a bad and bitter taste in their mouths!

    • MWM

      Wow what a bunch of thin-skinned ignoramuses! ALL I said was I was CLEARLY expressing an opinion about how the article was written, not criticizing, as I do not even believe in the term constructive criticism because it’s an oxymoron! Body found is often synonymous with a body just laying somewhere it doesn’t belong! Then I expressed that if HelloWorld was an employee of WNEP there attitude was VERY unprofessional. OR if it was just Jill or Joe Blow I didn’t mind because they don’t matter! WNEP is going to allow commentators to tell other commentator they’re not allowed an opinion? THAT’S unprofessional! I am the first one on here to defend the writers of this site particularly when the person commenting probably can barely read. Many people on here get downright rude, but that comes with this territory I guess!
      As for articles sparking interest, that’s the idea, no duh, clearly that’s the point! Most articles on here do! DUH!

  • Me

    We have robberies and muggings in broad daylight in the ghetto of hazleton. Chet used to it. This kind of behavior isn’t going away. Chia is the type of people your elected officials bring here. Keep voting for dummies who won’t secure our borders. And keep voting to legalize drugs !!

    You are now getting what you voted for. This is what you asked for !!

    Enjoy !

    • Johnson

      What does immigration have to do with any of this? Man people will believe anything Fox News shoves down their throats. humans have been using drugs since the dawn of time. Criminalizing people who have a problem doesn’t solve anything. But go on thinking if Mitt Romney was elected he’d seal up the borders, make everything illegal, and eliminate welfare.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Dirty blonde hair and missing teeth?!?! Haha! You do realize that is over 75% of males aged 18 to 35 in NEPA?

  • Hello World

    And what was this girl doing at Kirby park at night? It is also oddly coincidental that her age is not specified; Sounds like she may have been asking for trouble and she didnt end up as safe as she thought she would be.

    • MWM

      True that. You will always find people who will say we should be able to go at nite and do whatever we want. Sure you can, but are you going to the store? A bar? For a moonlight jog? Out to cop drugs? Motive is everything. Truth is, there are dirt-bags out there that shouldn’t be out there;; in a perfect world. Even going out to a 24 hr store just for a quick run to get what you need can make you vulnerable.

      • Hello World

        Wilkesbarre is not a safe place for girls or boys to be walking around unsupervised. End of story. Doesnt matter what time of day it was. Its called common sense.

    • wattson

      She was with friends waiting to be picked up. Her friends just took off on their bikes right before the guy approached her. Common sense? It is called trying to be a teen.


    When this creep is caught, the law should make sure something else is missing on him, besides his teeth ! Like his manhood so he can NEVER do this again !

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