Horse Killed After Collision With Train

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- A train collided with a horse pulling a buggy a Lycoming County.

The wreck happened around 9 a.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Davis Lane and Armstrong Road in Clinton Township, near Montgomery.

The fire chief tells us the horse got spooked by the train and stopped on the tracks.

The horse was hit and killed.

The woman and three children in the buggy were not hurt.


  • Safety!!!

    There are several crossings in Clinton Township (private and public) that one has to pull up their car/horse/bicycle/tractor within inches of the track to be able to see due to obstructions close to the tracks and poor sight lines…. and then it may be too late, especially if train coming round bends at 50 mph! Yellow engines blend into the autumn leaves…lights on trains at night are obscured behind buildings…whistles are not blown on private crossings and at public crossings one often does not hear in modern, sound proofed cars … train cars cannot be seen in the pitch black (why can’t they put reflectors on the cars at least).

    “Railroad crossings protected with lights and gates are at least 90% effective in preventing accidents, according to industry experts.” David Wolf

    • MWM

      Yeah like not be that close to the trax when the train is coming to begin with…horses spook easily. Glad the family didn’t get hurt, however, you would think they could at least learn to WORK around progress even if they won’t partake of it. This is the first time I have ever heard of such an accident. It’s always been cars. These folks do got one over on us tho, if the grid ever goes down; we will be shopping on their turf, and using them as cabs.

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