Wicked Weather Hits Susquehanna County

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- People in some parts of Susquehanna County are without power, trees are knocked down, and fire crews have been busy all night clearing the roads of debris after a strong storm blew through Sunday evening.

A terrifying tangle of trees littered Vince and Lil Mannina's Susquehanna County back yard. Lil was home at the time of the storm and heard some strange sounds.

"Odd cracks, very high up because it broke so high up. And then just boom," Lil Mannina said.

A giant tree over 100 years old and over 100 feet tall fell, missing the house.

"It didn't fall on the house, so we're thankful for that," Vince Mannina said.

The couple said they are glad that they are safe and so is their home.