Police: Two Men Beat a Woman in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- The search is on for two men who beat up a woman in Hazleton early Saturday morning.

According to officials, the assault happened on West Diamond Avenue just before 3:00a.m.

Police said the men punched and kicked the woman, then took off.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police in Hazleton.


  • MWM

    Sure, it’s a great idea for a woman to be out at 3 AM doing the random. As for the two “men?” Wusses.

  • dan

    My wife wouldn’t even drive from work at 3aam though, I’d sooner go get her. The city has fallen apart.

  • Warlock

    In my experience, it takes more than two men to beat a Hazleton woman. These guys are licking their wounds if they’re anything like my cousin Mary Catherine.

  • Me

    Seriously. If you are from the ghetto of hazleton and you are reading this,…..

    “NOTHING good happens after midnight. There isn’t anywhere on Gods beautiful earth you need to be or need to go at 3am. ESPECIALLY HAZLETON !!!!!
    Cops are nowhere ever and do not care about your safety. They are just as scared as you are. And these girls of the HPD have guns.
    Get out of the city and let the “illegals” have it !!!”

    • dan

      ”There isn’t anywhere you need to be or need to go at 3am.”. HOW ABOUT WORK J/A? I worked with women who would work OT and have to drive home at 3am. Not everyone works 9am til 5PM.

  • E

    Wow. Now we have a female version of Fast Eddie on the comment boards that posts in the third person to try and appear clever. I bet you have at least five kids. Wonderful.

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