UPDATE: Arrests Made in Rock-Throwing Incident that Critically Injured Woman

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- Two people are now charged with Thursday night's rock throwing incident that left a woman in critical condition.  Police charged Brett Lahr, 18, and Dylan Lahr, 17, both of New Columbia with aggravated assault.  State police said they are looking for two more juvenilesuspects.

Newswatch 16's Dave Bohman talked to a family who lives near where the woman was hurt by a rock that was thrown through her windshield.

The Johnson family lives 100 feet from the Gray Hill Road Bridge in White Deer Township.

10-year-old Grady was staying up late.

"I was watching tv at like, 10:30, and I heard sirens," said Grady.

Grady's grandfather, Ron, was asleep.

He awakened about an hour later.

He learned about the crash after state troopers knocked on his door.

"That's the first time I've known of anyone getting seriously hurt," said Johnson.

Troopers told Johnson a woman had life-threatening injuries.

He reminded them that kids tossed rocks at tractor trailers from the same bridge about seven years ago.

"Then they put the signs up, 'no standing on bridge,' and there for awhile the cops were coming by on a regular basis checking.  But nothing happened, nothing happened, so the cops stopped coming by," said Johnson.

This time, something happened to an Ohio couple and their teenaged daughter. They were on their way to New York City, and were heading east on I-80 in Union County, when the mother was suddenly struck.

According to the police report, the woman was in the passenger seat, as the vehicle approached the bridge.  She obviously had no idea of the danger ahead.  And then, in the blink of an eye, someone tossed a rock down from the overpass.  It shattered the windshield and struck her, and left her with critical injuries.

A source identified the woman as Sharon Budd, 52, who is from a suburb of Akron, Ohio.

She is now fighting for her life at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

"I hope they catch the guy, or the kids.  Whoever did it," said Johnson.

Ron Johnson wonders if things will change after what happened at the I-80 overpass.

"I'd hate to see them put fences up and stuff along there to stop people from doing it.  But they may have to do that," said Johnson.

And Ron's grandson worries about the woman who was critically injured.

"I hope she gets better," said Grady.


WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- After a frightening ride on the interstate, police are looking for whoever was throwing rocks at vehicles from an overpass, badly injuring at least one person.

Police said a woman was critically injured in Union County when a rock thrown from an Interstate 80 overpass came crashing through the windshield of a car.

State police said this happened on Interstate 80 near Milton and they said there was more than just one vehicle that got hit by someone throwing rocks from that overpass.

"I mean, that's just another thing. You have to think you never know what some people are going to do sometimes," said Jordan Bowersox of Limestoneville.

"Something falls off, that's one thing, but you know someone throwing it at you, that's just crazy," said Timothy Babb of Berwick.

Police said that's exactly what someone was doing around midnight on the overpass at mile marker 208 on Interstate 80 eastbound near Milton.

According to state police, the rock that was thrown from on top of the overpass went through the windshield of a car driving by, hitting a woman sitting in the front passenger seat.

That woman from Ohio is now in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. She was in the car with her family.

State police said a tractor trailer was also hit.

So far, there have been no arrests but whoever did this faces several charges including aggravated assault.

"Maybe it just a joke, 'Ha, ha, I'm going to throw a rock off here,' but you never know what can happen. It's really sad."


  • jane doe

    Johnson: I want you to know that you, by light years, have the most intelligent and valuable words to share on this thread. To everyone sharing ideas of stoning, hanging, mutilation, etc.: You are unintelligent animals who do not belong in this era, but in one in which cavemen were prevalent. I pray to God you are not instilling these ideas in your children. I believe these teens should be held 100% responsible for there actions and, in lieu of a long prison sentence, should even have to listen to the 911 call and interviews, which were so horrifyingly disturbing they left me shaking, tears streaming down my face, and sick to my stomach, but ideas of serving them with violence is for the unintelligent and morally flawed. For those who claim to follow the word of the bible, I believe you should turn to the verse which states, “Love and forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Unbelievable sadness is a harmless reaction to this we all share. Anger and hatred will only lead to terrible damage, if not to others, to your own heart. My most intense prayers to the family and to the injured. God will get you through this.

  • Pbj

    I believe that cases like these are what the death penalty was created for. There are humans that need to be put down like rabid dogs and there is no place for them in society. They will always remain a threat and a waste.

  • jonathan

    absolutely disgusting! these teens should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. no excuse. what an UN-HUMAN THING TO DO!

  • Teri Colone

    This is the same situation where the “accused” will be the Rockstars, while the “victim” (if she lives) will be attempting to piece her life back together. Remember the Arias trial? We’ve become a sick society. That’s all that’s to it. SICK. SOCIETY.

    • MWM

      The only individuals the will see them as rockstars are individuals as sick and twisted as these are..fine, all the more easier to peg them out..all the more easier to know who and what they are.

  • ME

    Are these two stupid? What is wrong with people that they are so bored and/or so mean, that they would put someone’s life in danger? They are old enough to know better. Maybe they’ll grow up and mature in jail.

  • JolhnnieReb

    No,.this isn’t the Middle East and we shouldn’t stoop to that level however, these two should receive severe punishment for this crime. If this woman doesn’t make it then nothing below 20 years at hard labor would be suitable for them. Yes , my first thought would be to flog them and cut their hands off so they will never throw another rock again, but I don’t live in Iran, I live in America. They’ll have plenty of time to think about what they’ve done in prison, not only to this woman’s life but to their own lives as well. I’m not a liberal at all, but violence begets violence, just look at the Middle East if you don’t believe me.

  • MWM

    ““Maybe it just a joke, ‘Ha, ha, I’m going to throw a rock off here,’ but you never know what can happen. It’s really sad.” Ha-ha maybe someone should throw a rock at your face for such a stupid statement! It’s beyond sad what some imbeciles in this area consider to be “just a joke!” There are some pretty sick tickets in this town.

    • Alice

      My daughter was hit with a huge rock in 1985 on I-5 south just outside of Portland, OR. They said the rock was 7lbs but I know it was bigger. She lost her right eye, lost her teeth, lost the bones in her nose, her jaw was broke in several places, her brain lining was shredded and she lost part of her brain. We were driving to grandmas house with her sister Angela, her father Terry and myself. 3 boys were seen on the overpass but were never caught. The damage they did was insurmountable Jessica suffers everyday even though so many years have gone by.
      At the time it was all over the news and the support of everyday citizens was such a great help. Michael Jackson even called her while in the hospital. The damage to people who are hit with these rocks is immeasurable. I pray for this family and I pray she comes out ok. Life will never be the same.

  • Slobo

    “Aggravated assault?” This is Attempted Manslaughter. At 18 and 17, they know the difference between right and wrong and that actions have consequences, they should be charged with Attempted Manslaughter as adults because that is what they are, and that is the crime they committed.

  • uncle stosh

    These backwatwr cops won’t do a thing to these young punks. Prayers for the lady who got hurt. I’m starting to wonder if that area is a “its not who u know its who you …..” kind of town

  • Graham

    The woman struck by the rock works in my school district as a teacher, I didn’t have her, but I heard she was always so nice. I hope sure hope she recovers and I hope those idiots who did it are caught!!!

  • Johnson

    I’m just appalled at some of the reactions here. “Bash their heads in”? ! “Have the family stone them”?! “Throw them off the overpass”.?! I think these kids have some serious psychological problems and it’s horrible what they did but torchering them or killing them solves nothing for anyone but further entrenches man in the violent slaughter of his own blood. Archaic. Stop acting like sheep.

    • MWM

      People have a right to express anger at the obvious lack of conscience on the part of these individuals. If this were OT times, they would be put to death if this woman doesn’t make it, and I sure hope and pray she does. I also hope and pray that people like you will stop using “psychological disorders” as a license for despicable acts of cruelty and stone cold indifference.

    • dr jones.

      these losers are raised by TV and never told NO in their lives… they know right from wrong? no they don’t have a clue about reality, because TV taught them everything they know! if you aren’t teaching your kids NO means NO by 5- you are part of the problem with today’s society – what should happen to these idiots -is either a 10 year jail term, or better yet- 10 years in the military- once in, if they mess up it’s Fort Leavenworth.KS- real prison. …they will be told NO once they are in, Often! if I was that judge, I’d get them out of that town and on a bus to Fort Benning, GA so fast their heads would spin.

  • Don Helowitz

    Is 18 a Juvenile? Hmmm. I am wondering if they are not adults until after they are 26 like the Affordable Health Care Act. These juveniles must have had a bad life. They must have been victims of something to do this. Blah blah blah. These ADULTS need to get everything that they deserve. Maybe we need to go back to Old Testament laws Warlock. Prayers for the lady and her family.

  • Snshn

    I have to agree that perhaps if a stiffer punishment for these young people might make a difference in the future.
    My thoughts and prayers to the injured and her family.

  • Rhonda Fran

    These young people should have to sit vigil with the family of this woman at the hospital to see with their own eyes what the result of their actions is. If they don’t see what the results are of things they do to others, how will they understand? They should have to sit there while the family weeps, and cries out to God for her life. To experience the anguish first hand might deter them from doing anything like this in the future. And it may help them feel empathy for others as well.

    • MWM

      That’s a thought, however, if it were my family I wouldn’t ‘t want them anywhere near me or my family! It probably wouldn’t be a good idea for them either.

  • steven pipo

    She was my language arts teacher last year I feel worried who ever did this should be brought to authoritys

  • Chris

    Please pray for her and her family. This is my wife’s niece. What a horrible thing to do I hope they catch these scumbags and throw away the key.

  • betty kile

    7 years ago, mothers day, I was the individual that was not hit by rocks, it wasn’t rocks like the man interviewed thought it was, it was tree logs, yes logs, ones that covered both lanes so there was no way to get around them. Same exact place, I hit those logs at 65 mph, before I could even slow at all I was already them. I had a newer Santa Fe suv. It literally ripped my tires right off and almost the entire axel. After skidding for about a half mile I was able to get off to the berm. My suv was tototalled. But I was alive and my two children were not orphan. The cops found the kids and did nothing, nothing at all. Maybe this would have made a difference for the woman who is fighting for her life if someone would have done sonething about it 7 years ago. Prayers to the family of the woman injured.

    • Dennis

      I just want to know who are the three scumbags that didn’t like Betty Kile’s post. Really?? You dislike a woman telling about her horrible experience? What, did you want her to get hurt or even killed?? Shakin’ my head….no wonder our country is so on the wrong path.

      • MWM

        Because as you know, some people around here didn’t make the cross-over from knuckle-dragger to upright.

    • MWM

      Probably not, might as well be tho. Different town, not too far from there. Cannot compare donkeys to people, however, it’s disgusting some of the youth that this area is breeding.

  • Sue P

    Thoughts and prayers to this woman and her family. I hope she makes a full recovery. As for the youth involved (and 18, btw, is adult) Throw the book at them!!!

  • Warlock

    Mutilation, stoning or hanging them from the bridge (where is this, the Middle East?) isn’t going to stop others from chucking rocks off the bridge at passing vehicles.

    If you people really want some extreme, Old Testament justice AND a solution to the problem, use your imaginations. Make this overpass their home for the rest of their lives, making sure that other morons don’t do the same thing.

  • mdog

    This is attempted murder – it is not humane to do such a thing.
    Castrate remove hands or death penalty is just. You decide.

  • MWM

    The worst is some imbecilic local will sing the same sorry-a**=song, oh these kids have nothing to do so they have to throw rocks off the overpass!

  • Garben

    What’s just as sick is our society has come to one that looks down on any hard punishment given to these type of criminals. They or it when and if caught should be subjected to a stoning by this ladies family and if she dies they should be hung

    • Dan

      I heard they have 4 in custody. Someone got their plate…thank God. Supposedly the owner/driver says wasn’t him and turned the cops on to the others.


    How about this for punishment, if the person or people responsible get caught, society can throw the individual/them off an overpass ??? Sick of SCUM !

    Those responsible single, or people, I want you to think about what you did, this woman could die ! She DID NOT deserve this ! Cowardly rotten scum ! May you be haunted day, night 24/7 365 days a year for the rest of yer life at that you did ! If she dies, double torment from your own mind and conscience !

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