Prosecutors: Accused Killers Incited By “Boondock Saints” Movie

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SHICKSHINNY -- Prosecutors in Luzerne County said a movie about vigilantes was a factor that led to shooting deaths earlier this year.

Holly Crawford and James Roche were in court over the deadly shootings in April.

During the preliminary hearing, we learned that the couple had been watching the movie "The Boondock Saints" right before the shooting.

After months behind bars James Roche looked like a different man walking into his preliminary hearing at a magistrate's office in Shickshinny, compared to how he appeared in April when he was arrested with Holly Crawford.

Troopers said a love triangle led to the shooting deaths of Ronald Evans and his son Jeffrey at their home near Hunlock Creek.

Prosecutors in Luzerne County said that the 1999 film "The Boondock Saints" was a factor in the killings. They said the couple watched the movie right before the shootings and troopers said one of the characters reminded Roche of the man he wanted out of the picture: 73-year-old Ronald Evans.

"If you've seen the movie, it's pretty much vigilantes who go out and kill other people," said Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce. "It’s hard for me to say what role that played, but it does seem to bare a striking resemblance to what occurred in this case."

After three troopers testified and prosecutors showed graphic pictures of the crime scene, a district justice ruled there is enough evidence to send the charge of open homicide against both Roche and Crawford to trial.

Some family members of the shooting victims wiped away tears as they left the hearing.

Holly Crawford has been in the news before.

In 2010 she was convicted of animal abuse for piercing kittens' ears and trying to sell them as gothic cats.

Annette Cotterman says the deadly shootings changed this rural community.

"Nobody used to lock their doors. Everybody's now locking their doors because you never know. And we don't want it out here," said Cotterman. "They always have an excuse for why they do something. It’s just unbelievable, because like nothing ever happens out here."

Other people in Shickshinny said they were surprised to hear about the crime's connection to the film.

"I’m a horror movie fanatic but there’s a line between fantasy and reality," said Michael McGrath. "I mean it’s an excuse. People have got to be responsible for their own actions."

Roche and Crawford had little to say inside and outside of the courtroom.

Both are locked up without bail in the Luzerne County jail.


  • Boondock Angel

    Mr. Wadell & WNEP management: What you have done here with this newscast is to twist a vile, heinous crime by two individuals into a spurious story ranking with the lowest of the low in reporting. I am appalled to see actual footage of the Boondock Saints in the news cast & the use of Norman’s scene (which you take completely out of context) is nothing but a base grab for ratings. I hope you’ll be hearing from the Boondock lawyers soon. Shame on you, the Luzerne County Prosecutor’s Office, and ADA Sanguedolce! Movies don’t kill people.

  • josh

    You guys clearly didn’t read the text. The killers aren’t blaming the movie, the prosecution is. They’re trying to associate any and every thing they can with violence because it makes for a better “story” than “two lunatics shot some people because they’re nutty and stupid”.

  • JP

    “Jealousy lead to double homicide.” Nowhere in that statement does it say “a movie made me do it.” Obviously the elevator does not go all the way up on this guy for thinking that she might be into a 73 yr old guy. And neither does her’s if she was into a 73 yr old dude. Pictures do say a thousand words. Don’t waste taxpayer’s money these two are guilty, just go straight to what the sentencing should be – life or death. Of course, their stupid lawyer has to try to find some plausible excuse. Maybe he should watch the movie, but wait that might incite him to kill.

  • DJ

    Boondock Saints was a fantastic vigilante movie What these too did was cold blooded murder. Not even close

  • ME

    The movie might have spurred them on but it didn’t “make” them commit murder. That they did on their own.
    Was it worth it? What is a 73-year old man doing in a relationship with people half his age? I’m not blaming him, but boy, is this world screwed up!


    I don’t care if your Black, White, Yellow – Trash is Trash and I see you all as one T-R-A-S-H !

    NEPA is a landfill of HUMAN GARBAGE to our towns !

  • Phillip Cordial

    Just like how when I was growing up in the early 90s Beavis & Butthead and Mortal Kombat were going to destroy an entire generation. Then South Park and Grand Theft Auto were released years later and did the same thing. Blaming popular controversial culture was (and still is) an easy excuse for parents that don’t know how to manage their children. Blaming violent media just shows how much education these murderers have.

    • B&B

      YES IT DID ! Don’t you know that all that ails our area is Beavis and Buttheads fault ?????? It made all the monsters in the news everyday ! SIKE ! LOL

  • Nephilimfields

    Speaking as a huge fan of both BDS films, I know of no plot line in either film that mirrors what these losers did. Pick on some other film.

  • Justwondering

    Watched that movie,at least 3 times. Probably my favorite movie of all time!! Are you kidding me? They are blaming there actions on a movie? That’s a cop out! Boo hoo I can’t take responsibility for my own actions so I’ll blame whatever movie/video game/song that comes to mind. A..holes !!!!!!

  • Kellie

    First of all, this is an excuse. They new what they were doing. Doesn’t matter if they watched Bambi before they left. The Assistant DA should watch the movie, they do not just go out and kill!!! As for the way they looked when they got arrested maybe blame drugs like usual. They looked pretty messed up.

    • ME

      I didn’t get the “way he looked” part. He looks much better without that ugly beard and she looks as flaky as she did in 2010. She needs to invest in comb and run it through her hair, once in awhile.

  • mwm

    Too bad they didn’t watch some of the 5,000 episodes of Law and Order instead. Then they’da know how this ends.

  • dan

    i bet they ate some food and wiped with toilet tissue before they committed the crime…. better figure out what that stuff was so we can cause a ruckus about that stuff too. Who cares what movie they watched? He could have compared a person to a childrens tv show and nobody would care about that. But mention a movie where somebody gets shot…… THE MOVIE IS CLEARLY WHAT MADE THEM DO IT! Them watching boondock saints has nothing to do with the price of kumquats in nigeria just like it has nothing to do with this. This is a prime example of sensational media.

  • Kyle Long

    To bad the boondock saints is actually about two brothers that only kill “wicked men” such as gang and mob members so that the innocent can flourish. In the movies the cops actually credit the brothers. Not saying that killing someone is ever the right thing to do but to make a statement like “If you’ve seen the movie, it’s pretty much vigilantes who go out and kill other people.” is obscured and shows that the assistant DA either never watched the movie or understood it if they ever watched it.

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