NWS Confirms Tornado In Susquehanna County

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KINGSLEY — Many people in the northern tier are still without power as of Thursday night, almost 48 hours after a massive storm rolled through northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

The National Weather Service confirmed that at least three counties were affect by tornadoes: Bradford, Sullivan, and Susquehanna.

The roads in the Kingsley area were filled with emergency management officials and power company crews trying to clean up the mess Tuesday’s storm left behind.

In Brooklyn, a barn is still running on generator power as part of the roof was blown off by high winds that the National Weather Service says blew at about 100 miles an hour.

The NWS confirms an EF 1 tornado touched down in the woods near Kingsley with winds of about 100 miles an hour.

“The tornado lifted in Bradford County and became a lot of straight line wind and we have some evidence of a small tornado up on the hillside here,” said NWS official Dave Nicosia.

There is also plenty of damage in other parts of Harford Township.

Dozens of trees down, power lines ripped off, all because of high winds.

“The winds, even with the straight line that I’ve seen is 90 mph, possible 100.”

Penelec tells Newswatch 16 they have about 30 crews in the Kingsley area dealing with a lot of issues, causing hundreds of power outages.

But people who are left in the dark say they have bigger concerns; some of them need to get trees off their property.

“All I care is get this thing off so I can start my life over again, you know? What are you going to do?” asked Butch Baker of Kingsley.

Baker saw the storm roll by from his home on Route 547.

“My band saws, my radio alarm, all my tools that I usually use are bent like a pretzel inside there now.”

For people living in this part of Susquehanna County, the cleanup is just beginning.

“We got the saws out, might as well use them.”

“Clean up, try to get the trees gone and insurance taken care of and all that stuff,” said Journey Lane.

Part of that cleanup includes getting power back for many homes and businesses in Susquehanna County. Penelec workers expect to have most of the power back shortly after midnight, but will still be working Friday to restore the rest. Until then, backup generators are getting a lot of work.

Power Outage Maps:
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