Talkback 16: Nurses Strike, Talkback 16

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In tonight's Talkback 16, people react to the nurses strike at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and then comment about Talkback 16 itself.


  • Me

    Yep. But the majority of Pennsylvanians are out of work and unemployed and don’t have jobs to go to. But you people just sit and complain. We want raises. We want raises

    Please. Every place is understaffed and overworked. Stop your whining. Misinformed or not. You have a job to do,….go do it. If not, quit , and let the unemployed have a crack at the jobs you people complain about so much. You all make me sick.

    • judy

      if you went to school and got your nurses license you could have a job like mine..there are plenty jobs’s sad when people complain about being unemployed, but yet don’t do anything about it

  • judy

    as one of the nurses on the front line of the strike i feel i need to comment..i feel people are misinformed as to some of the reasons for the for the health insurance issue let me reassure you that we are not striking because we don’t want to pay towards it..we have contributed for our health care for years..i myself pay over $200 biweekly..what we are asking for is the fact that the hospital has to consult with and get the approval of the union to make any health care related for any raise , all we ask is that the raise we get be at least comparable to the increased cost of our health insurance..and yes, what we pay increases every year..and no inside the hospital,right now,it is not business as usual..staffing is twice what it is normally..the replacement nurses are caring for less patients than we are asked to do on a daily basis..

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