PJ’s In Peckville Closing For Good

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PECKVILLE -- A business that's been in Lackawanna County for about a half century is closing soon for good.

PJ's Home Center in Peckville notified customers this week it's going out of business.

The storefront at PJ's Home Center on Sturges Road in Peckville is covered in 'Going out of Business' signs. While employees took inventory inside, customers who showed up outside were turned away.

"It's been around for a long time. My dad always shopped here. That's why I always came," said Dave Ward of Jermyn.

Ward had no idea the store that had been around for about 50 years is closing.

"It was always friendly, and they always had the time to help you. So that was what I liked about it."

The owner said a combination of factors led to the decision to close. He also said that this area just hasn't been able to recover from the recession, and that hit his business hard.

Not only do customers say it's a shame to see a business like this go after so many years, they also say that buying these kinds of items is going to be inconvenient now.

"It's terrible. You know, I love this place. I always come up here for wood, concrete a lot of times, instead of going up to the mall, using my gas," explained Cesar Rospigliosi of Archbald.

"They've always got all the little gadgets that you need, that instead of driving all the way down to Scranton to get, it's real close to home. It's convenience," said Ward. "That, and I like to support the local business."

PJ's Home Center in Peckville will reopen to the public on Thursday for the start of its going out of business sale.


  • smokes

    thank you pj’s for all the years you been in the valley you will be missed be all us screw home depot and lows one best places to stop by for hardware sand lumber or what ever there never be a store as good as pj’s lumber. first sugermans they were are wall mart in the day now pj’s to close they were also like home depot or lowes this getting more depressing for all the small family owned bussines’s .

  • Fran

    Sorry to hear about another small, local business closing. People need to support the local businesses of Lackawanna County. I shop at Justus Hardware. A locally owned and run hardware store that has everything you need and they keep getting bigger. Plus, they greet you with a smile!

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