Juvenile Stabbed in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE-- A suspect is in custody after stabbing a juvenile in Luzerne County.

Authorities said a 14-year-old girl was stabbed in the neck in a wooded area near Miller Street in Wilkes-Barre just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Police do not believe the injuries are life-threatening.

Authorities said they have a suspect in custody.

There is no word if any charges have been filed.


  • tina

    That’s the biggest problem is that parents allow their kids to go and do whatever they want..there is no discipline nor respect from teenagers today..parents need to get a grip or things like this are going to happen more often…I will not feel sorry for these parents who do not enforce rules such as curfew…she shouldn’t have been out that late…if she was home she wouldn’t have been a victim

  • Maddy61501

    Yes, the problem here is that the girl was out late. That is somehow more important than the fact that some lunatic stabbed her because “she was asking for it” by being out late. Way to victim blame.

    • jpwillys

      You are right, too. There is another half to this story, but unfortunately there has been nothing provided on that side, as to whom, age, etc. And to be fair the person that commited the crime should be villified and convicted beyond what the current law allows. Someone in Harrisburg needs to step up to protect our kids and fellow citizens from people that do this.

  • Nathaniel

    I see all the comments about a 14-year old being out that late. I’m more surprised by the amount of people surprised by this. Look out your windows any time after midnight and you’ll see groups of young kids walking around. This is nothing new and, sadly, this type of attack was bound to happen.

  • jpwillys

    That’s great a 14 yr old girl out after midnight, with apparently no supervision of any kind. The parents should be held accountable for any negligence on their part. With summer here, she may have been staying at a friends (or claiming) or some other situation that the parents may not have been aware of. I hope she recovers and has learned her lesson for whatever her reason was to be out at that time of night, doing whatever she was doing.

  • T

    What in the world?!?! The only time I was outside at midnight at 14, I was sitting on the porch…..with my mother. Some of the best conversations occurred on these nights. Nowadays these kids are just running the streets. Over my dead body, will my kids be wandering the streets at night.

    • MWM

      We most certainly can ask and should ask and it would be nice for a change if the parents of minors that don’t properly supervise their minors get charged with negligence up to the legal age of 18! These 12-17 yr olds should not be out late at night just because “they’re older now,” or some stupid inane blather like that of an excuse! This14 year-old was out at midnight because he was raised by wolves. 80% of the time a kid is in trouble, you can trace the cause back to the den.

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