One Dead In Multi-Vehicle Crash On I-80

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A multi-vehicle crash along the west bound lanes of Interstate 80 in the Bloomsburg area that left one driver dead had the highway shut down for hours Monday.

State Police said William Boettinger, 60, of Danielsville died.

Further east on the interstate, Route 11 was clogged as drivers were detoured off at the Berwick exit.

“We left at 2 o'clock from new jersey and we were supposed to get to Johnstown at seven and it's 7:43, we're been in traffic for three and a half hours in park, in park,” said Carol Trovato.

State police say the crash happened around 1 in the afternoon at Exit 236, the Lightstreet Exit.

Troopers say traffic here was at a standstill due to construction work up ahead when a garbage truck slammed into a tractor-trailer then veered off and hit this box truck that was parked on the shoulder.

Authorities say the impact from the crash forced the tractor trailer to hit an SUV and a car.

While state police reconstructed the crash site, I-80 was closed at Exit 241.

“Four hours I been, four hours, for nine miles, going from New York to Cleveland, from exit 250 to 241,” said one driver.

Jennifer Crane was out just making a quick run from Berwick to Buckhorn to meet her step-daughter at the AT&T store.

“To meet her to transfer a phone, yeah so she's on her way home from work from Danville, getting ready to meet us there so we're getting ready to call her and say okay what back road do you want to meet on?" said Crane.

Investigators say the driver of the garbage truck was killed; the drivers of the tractor trailer, SUV and car were taken to the hospital for minor pains.

“So I mean, how can we complain to be stuck in traffic when something like that happens,” said Tori Trovato.

“You got to think of them,” said Melinda Edwards of Lime Ridge. “First I don't care about this, I care about that.”

State police at Bloomsburg are investigating this crash.

An autopsy for Boettinger is set for Tuesday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.


  • Fratboy

    Sorry, you folks were inconvenienced and were delayed by this accident, you see, someone was busy dying. I hope those people got to the AT&T store. My goodness a 20-minute delay in transferring a phone is critical. Glad Carol finally got to her destination. Can’t believe such a petty thing as people hurt and dying, damaged vehicles and mayhem should have been permitted to hamper Carol’s travel time.

    • Burtfan

      Yeah just goes to show how humane we all are. I guess we haven’t ,as compassionate human beings, evolved to the point of caring about anyone but ourselves. Until it happens to you or some you love.

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