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UPDATE: State Senate Passes Kevin’s Law

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WILKES-BARRE - The state senate voted 49-1 to pass the legislation known as Kevin’s Law late Monday afternoon.

Officials said House Bill 1312 could be signed into law as early as tonight.

Families of several hit and run victims from Luzerne County headed to the state capitol Monday morning in hopes that lawmakers would approve a new law to stiffen the penalty for hit and run drivers.

Family and friends of Kevin Miller wore yellow shirts and hugged before they boarded a charter bus in south Wilkes-Barre and headed to Harrisburg.

Kevin Miller died days before Christmas in 2012 when he was hit by a driver who never stopped to help.
The families of at least two other hit and run victims from Luzerne County also made the trip to Harrisburg.

Last week, the state house approved Kevin’s Law, which would stiffen the mandatory minimum punishment of a driver who leaves the scene of a fatal crash from one year to three years behind bars.

“We can’t bring Kevin back, that’s the bitter part of all of this. But his death won’t be in vain and we could do something to help others,” said Kevin’s mother Caroline Miller.

“One year behind bars is not enough time. Three years is not enough time. But it’s a step up from where it’s at now,” said Jody Stadts, a niece of hit-and-run victim.

Thomas Letteer, the man who pleaded guilty in connection with the hit-and-run death of Kevin Miller is serving two to five years in prison.


  • someguy

    fast eddie you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such disrespectful comments. Kevin Miller was holding his fathers hand and was a half a step ahead of his father while starting to cross the road together. The driver hit FIVE YEAR OLD Kevin and almost ran his father over at the same time. Put yourself in their shoes and maybe you would have some alligator tears too. Shameful.

  • mia

    Are you kidding me???? This little boy was killed hold is fathers hand when a drunk young a-hole flew around the corner taking his life! Then proceeds to go to work and plays along w the news playing in the break room stating ” someone needs to catch this a-hole”. The only crocodile tears that have been shed were his in the courtroom!!

  • Brenda

    I do hope that they pass ” Kevin’s Law” but I fear that there’s going to be a loop-hole now because of Judge Brown’s verdict ” not guilty ” because Megan Panowicz ” panicked ” and left seen and turned herself in 11 hours later. And on another Note NO ONE ASKED FAMILY OF SHARON SHAUGHNESSY TO GO TO HARRISBURG THAT WAS RUDE BECAUSE SHARON WAS A VICTIM OF A HIT N RUN

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