Woman Shot at Gun Show in Bloomsburg

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BLOOMSBURG -- A woman was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her leg after police say a vendor at the Eagle Arms Gun Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds accidentally shot her on Saturday.

Police in Columbia County said vendor Geoffrey Hawk, the owner of "In Case of Emergency," shot Krysta Gearhart of Orangeville in the thigh with a semi-automatic .380 while demonstrating a concealed carry holster. Usually, the demonstration is done with a plastic model of a gun.

"Often times that is what is utilized. This time the vendor used a real gun," said Sergeant Leonard Rogutski of the Bloomsburg Police.

Police say that there was not a magazine attached to the weapon, however there was a round in the chamber.

Eric Bower heard the gun fire and the victim scream.

"Everybody paused for a second and their initial reaction was making sure there wasn't more, and then they rushed to her aid," said Bower.

According to Bower, while the crowd stayed calm, some vendors were upset.

"I think the dealers were upset because it makes them look bad," said Bower.

Officials said it will be up to the district attorney to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

Outside the doors to the show, a sign plainly states "loaded weapons are not allowed."

Officials said they closed down an aisle for about an hour so they could investigate the shooting.

Customers said this is the last place they would expect to get shot.

"Stupid mistake, honest mistake, I guess. I wouldn't do it," said Pat Bower of South Williamsport.

Paul Neff of Dushore said when weapons are purchased, a tag is placed around the trigger to keep it from being fired, and that anyone whose living involves firearms can't afford to make a mistake.

"He should have been more careful. Absolutely he should have known better," said Neff.

Police said there were a lot of off-duty first responders at the show and they did a great job of helping the victim.

Organizers said the doors to the gun show will open back up at 9 a.m. on Sunday in Columbia County.


  • Will

    Rule #1: Always assume all guns are loaded, and treat them accordingly.
    Rule #2: Never allow a gun to point at anything you wouldn’t want to blow a hole in.
    Rule #3: Be sure of what you are shooting at, and what is behind your target (bullets don’t always stop).

    • Warlock

      Sure. Because (like cars) pools are exactly like firearms.

      Oh, wait. They’re not.

      “I didn’t know the pool was loaded!”

      “The pool just went off!”

      “I thought I was drowning an intruder!”

  • Ted

    Accident?? How about criminal negligence??
    An apology ain’t going to cut it pal!
    She can file charges for exactly that.
    At the very least she can sue, revoke this moron’s business liscence,
    and get a heftly settlement besides (including all medical bills).
    She had better talk to a lawyer ASAP.

  • Jenn

    As someone was quoted saying in the article, this was just an honest and stupid mistake – and it shouldn’t reflect on gun owners.

    • Will

      No, this was criminal negligence and stupidity. Any NRA member can tell you the first rule of gun safety is to always assume all guns are loaded, and treat them accordingly. This guy is an idiot.

  • VegasSmitty

    Why doesn’t the media report all the shootings in Detroit and Chicago? Oh, that’s right, blacks killing other blacks isn’t news.

  • tom

    So-this broad was carrying a loaded gun to the show and this vendor didn’t check it-does anyone check guns being brought in the door?These folks have permits-handle guns-WOW-scarey.

    • Oscar Madison

      Where in the article did it say that it was her Firearm being used in the demonstration? You did READ the entire Article, right??

  • bezzel

    So not only didn’t he check the chamber , but he pulled the trigger also ? Clearly experience has nothing to do with this accident, considering he sells fire arms for a living. I’m starting to think an I.Q test is required for gun owner ship.

  • Warlock

    Gotta love how there’s an ATM sign right next to the gun show entrance. You know, for those paranoid gun-huggers who prefer to use cash so their perfectly legal transactions can’t be traced.

    • Bill

      Wow there’s apaper trail and back round checks. what a dunce does your mommy know you are on the web?

      • Warlock

        The vendor who shot the woman should have used a “back round check.”

        Anyone who thinks their gun is 100% unloaded should demonstrate it by putting it to their own head and pulling the trigger first. Because guns don’t kill people…

    • Smith

      Was there an ATM there? I didn’t see one in the photo or the report, but I know that sign and an ATM is there during the Fair. I doubt they take the sign down. But, even if it was there: some vendors may not accept cards. Finally — can’t be traced? You obviously do not know about how these shows work. Background checks and BATFE forms are completed on every transaction a vendor makes. Know your facts before trying to cast aspersions upon people who are just pursuing their hobby.

      • Warlock

        Suuure. Forms are filled out and background checks are done. Uh huh.

        And loaded firearms aren’t allowed either. Oh, wait… WHOOPS.

        I find your naivete adorable. Dangerous and predictable but adorable.

    • Thatsme

      Warlock your lacking intelligence. The gun shows are very legal. We call in all sales to PA for instant checks and those that can’t pass won’t get a gun. Some people prefer cash as most transactions carry a credit card fee so it’s cheaper to pay with cash. However that sign wasn’t put up by the show it’s always there.

      • Yuri

        Thatsme: you accuse another of lacking intelligence, yet you’re a high school graduate (I’m assuming) and you don’t know some of the most basic rules of the English language? Irony.

      • canard651

        Why not simply accept personal checks, since you only sell weapons to honest and responsible people?

    • jpwillys

      Should they have taken the ATM out just for the gun show?? Most ATM’s are not temporary fixtures for one event, and by the way people can also buy food and drinks with cash to at all the various events held at the fairgrounds! Or does that require a background check to?


    This does NOT SURPRISE ME at all ! A .380 — Years ago, my Father and I target practiced with a .380 – IT locked back to indicate the magazine was empty, Dad took the mag out, and pointed and BOOM ! Another hidden round !

    Then at home he was cleaning my .380 no clip in it, locked back as empty, released the lock pointed at floor and BOOM !
    That gun would truly indicate no round in it, then could fire when you thought nothing in it. My advice, when you have a Clip, paint the top bullet ORANGE so you always know that when you have clip up it, that if orange bullet not showing, and you did not fire it, then it is chambered in their !

    • shosts

      your reply is stupid…… why paint a round orange… can you not tell by looking at the butt if there is a mag in it.. ? not only that after ejecting the mag always rack the slide to eject the round in the chamber if there is one and actually look in the chamber to make sure there is not a round there.

    • burtfan

      Same thing happened to me twice. Once a 380 that I emptied myself but there was burr on the casing and the bullet didn’t eject. Second time was a shotgun and the same thing happened, the brass was damaged and did not eject the shell. Both guns went off luckily in safe direction but from now on I stick eyeball into that barrel and confirm that the barrel is empty. Third time I might not be so lucky. Another thing, try not to buy cheaply made ammo.

  • Joe Schmoe

    You know what. One more thing, no one ever said it was HIS GUN!!! it was probably hers and she brought it to find a holster! Oh, I hope that comes out in the wash! I will totally be laughing at all the non gunners!

  • F>R>K>

    The only reason you are able to do just about anything you want, movies, picnic, fishing, boating, afternoon bike ride is because we have the largest civilian army on the face of this earth. The second amendment is why all others stand!
    Bless America

  • jimmy

    To bad theres not a section in the PA Crimes Code under Special Offenses labeled “Stupid A$$ h*le” He should be charged to the fullest extent on that one!

  • Paul Revere

    Wow – we actually require you to be 16, take tests, and regulate the hell out of the auto industry – and cars can be deadly, but there have been countless initiatives to bring down the death rate and make them safer. So we should let a product that is created with the express intent of killing other humans be completely unregulated? Logic failure, right wingers. What else is new?

    • jbrony

      Completely unregulated? Another uninformed, brain washed left winger. Vehicles still kill and mame more people HOURLY even though they are ‘regulated’ and designed to be safe. Comparison fail. No excuses for the dealer though, what an idiot.

      • momatad

        So, just shoot us all….those of us who want to know we can walk the streets SAFELY without some muzzle nuzzler ‘accidentally’ misfiring their weapon!!!! But maybe, just maybe, you’ll shoot yourselves ‘accidentally’ before you can get off a shot!

      • Warlock

        Yes, vehicles are designed to be safe.

        Gun are designed to destroy.

        If you really can’t understand the difference, I hope you neither drive nor own a firearm.

      • jbrony

        So MOMATAD – last time I checked I haven’t seen or heard of a lot of pedestrians being accidently shot by muzzle-nuzzlers. But almost weekly you see vehicles plowing into crowds, homes, and businesses. In almost every case of people being wounded or killed by a firearm there is usually malice involved, very few unintended injuries or fatalities. But with vehicles, almost all of the injuries and fatalities were unintended. Clueless, distracted, and impaired drivers scare me a lot more than a few inept gun owners.

      • jbrony

        Yes Warlock, guns can destroy if the user or owner has that intent or is irresponsible. But vehicles still kill far more (and they are designed to be safe and not destroy) than guns do. If you can’t comprehend that, I hope you don’t drive. For your entertainment I drive all kinds of heavy vehicles, motorcycles, fly aircraft, and own and use lots of guns. And after over half a century, hundreds of thousands of miles and rounds of ammunition, never once did I have any kind of accident with any of them. You voted for Obama, didn’t you?

      • Jaac

        Hey jBrony, poor brainwashed comparison on your part there… How many people own cars? How many people own guns? Cars are designed to transport people. Guns are designed to kill people. Compared to cars, guns don’t have many restrictions on them, but you want everyone to have one?

      • jbrony

        Excellent point there JAAC, glad you brought it up. I’m talking accident RATE here, not just plain numbers. So be honest here – how many people do you personally know that have been involved in or affected by a vehicle accident? Now, I ask the same about firearms. It’s the accident rate that further cements the fact the vehicles are more dangerous than firearms, plain and simple. Everyone either has or wants a car, so there’s no outcry when people are hurt or killed – oh, well, just another accident, carry on. For those that have no use or want for firearms, there is alway criticism when something like this happens. ‘Guns kill people, there should be more restrictions’ critics will say. Personally, I don’t want every Tom and Mary to be carrying, because those same dolts that can’t drive a device designed to be safe couldn’t possible manage a device ‘designed to destroy’.

      • Warlock

        And all those vehicles you drive require registrations and insurance and a license to operate them. Yet any moron should be able to drape themselves in the Second Amendment and buy a gun, no training required, right?

        Most automobile deaths are ACCIDENTAL. Most gun deaths AREN’T.

        My point stands, jbrony.

      • Jaac

        Based on your reply and your other comments here You seem to be a very confused individual JBRONY. I don’t mean any offense, but your facts and your opinion contradict each other. Anybody that wants a gun can get a gun in these United States, but if you think that’s a bad idea then you should be arguing for laws to prevent that. Do you see my point?

        What we read in the article was an ironic example of how even an experienced well trained safety minded person can kill someone. With cars we have tests, licenses, and proof of insurance. Now, would you agree to carry insurance for that gun of yours? How much do you think that would cost you?

      • Yuri

        When you compare the ratio of driver to annual driver deaths to the number of gun owners to firearms-related deaths, guns are responsible for way more fatalities, per capita, than cars. Duh.

      • jbrony

        I’ll make this real simple for you all anti-gunners – Google ‘American Gun Deaths to Exceed Traffic Fatalities in 2015’. This article is on the Bloomberg dot com website, a staunch anti-gun organization. Just looking at the graph you can see that vehicular deaths exceed firearm deaths by almost 1.5 times. Reading the article reveals that famous word ‘probably’ will exceed. This wasn’t from the NRA folks, it’s from an anti-gun group. The numbers don’t lie. And here’s irony for you – even after all the registration, safe designing, so-called driver ed, insurance, and so on – cars still kill more than guns. Period.

      • Warlock

        And how many of those firearm deaths were ACCIDENTAL compared to the number of automobile fatalities that were ACCIDENTAL?

        Guns ≠ autos

        Stupid jbrony.

  • Phillip

    Following basic firearms safety rules would have avoided this accident. First, the gun was not checked for a round in the chamber. This should be done EVERY time the firearm is handled. Second, the muzzle was allowed to point at something the vendor did not wish to shoot. Third, the man must have had his finger on the trigger when he did not intend to shoot. Too often, I see firearms enthusiasts and Second Amendment supporters carelessly violating the firearms safety rules I grew up with.

    • Fin Alyn

      It really does seem like the “yuk yuk yuk” factor has gone up the last few years, doesn’t it? “Look ma! I got’s me a gun!” My friend owns a gun shop, and the amount of people who act ignorant, and should know better, around firearms is staggering. It’s been interesting to see that the women he gives safety courses to are better at being safety aware than the men. Overconfidence can be a killer.

  • Red

    What a dork! Dorks with guns. Guns with dorks. I’ll never understand the stupid fascination with a “thing”. Guns are just a thing, like a car, like jewelry. Won’t do you a bit of good when you’re in the dirt. And then you’re asking “what is life about?” Fighting for the right to hold a piece of metal in your hand? What a waste of time!

    • Joe Schmoe

      Wow, he may be a dork, but you’re an idiot. That right to metal in his hand preserves your right to call them dorks at will.

      • Jaac

        Wow! You nailed it JOESCHMOE! Most Ignorant Internet Interpretation Of Our Rights Ever! If we repealed the 2nd Amendment, rest assured you’ll still be able to spout off poorly thought out conclusions. However, just because you wear a dunce cap, doesn’t give you the right to call other people idiots.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Well JAAC, I don’t know if your comment was in support of or against my comment. However, what I meant about the metal preserving all other constitutional rights, is a matter of fact that it does. Take #2 away, and guaranteed all other surely fall.

    • jbrony

      You’ve got a lot in common with some (in)famous historical people – Hilter and Stalin. Can’t happen here though, the government cares too much about their subjects – I mean citizens.

    • jpwillys

      Apparently you live in a nudist colony, as you have no possessions that are worth anything to you. A house, jewlery, clothes, a car, etc. etc. Glad I don’t live in that world, not sure how I would provide anything for my family being I have absolutely no belongings and nothing that matters to me. Enjoy the cave of whatever you live in, being a house should have no meaning also as it is just a “thing.”

  • Jeffrey Bruce

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with responsible firearm ownership. I feel bad for the vendor that they might be in a lot of trouble now. It’s also bad that it’s another strike against responsible vendors and owners. Accidents happen, but I’m really surprised that this vendor didn’t triple or ever quadruple check that there was no bullets. I hope the victim isn’t too hurt.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Wnep, you need to put accidentally in the title. At first glance, it looks criminal. Stop force-feeding biased views of guns.

    • Jeffrey Bruce

      I agree with you, but you have to understand that the word “accidentally” won’t get peoples attention as much and their story won’t catch as many heads. Reasons like this is why journalists often report inaccurate information. There are no honest journalists.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I completely agree and WNEP is 100% guilty. I actually don’t know why I keep reading their stories, but it’s mostly what we have in this area. Freedom of press doesn’t mean you HAVE to lie or slant the stories. This station is really guilty of it. I just wonder if the writers go to bed feeling good about themselves?

      • ahughes798

        What’s inaccurate? She WAS shot at a gun show. Yes, it makes the gun show folks look bad, and I’m glad it does, seeing how gun owners are all responsible people, who have seem to have quite a problem with “accidents.” I find that gun nuts are way less trustworthy than journalists, and gun nuts are way more dangerous, to boot.

    • NorthEastPA

      ACCIDENTLY wouldn’t be as accurate as NEGLIGENTLY in my opinion…but that’s probably for a court to decide.I hope she is ok and i’m glad that, luckily, no lives were lost.

  • pete

    The first thing you do when picking up a weapon is CLEAR THE WEAPON especially semi’s that should not have one in the chamber, but often do. . The second thing is keep your finger off the trigger till you are aimed and ready to fire. These are basic,basic safety rules and a gun shop owner especially should know these and automatically follow them.Having one in the chamber, safety off , finger on the trigger and then pulling the trigger is not an “honest” mistake, it’s a stupid one.

  • FreeWill

    It’s an event.. doesn’t matter what kind of event. Accidents happen. Although we are being programed to think there is no such thing as an accident, as in Zero Tolerance.. This could have been a large group of runners gathered for a run… people get hurt there as well. Someone could step on someone else’s foot and break their leg.. it was an accident. I’m still trying to figure out where accidents no longer exist. A glass could slip out of your soapy hands and crack on the floor and a piece could fly off and stick in someone… was that an accident or did you do that premeditated? Come on people this “Progressive Liberal” way of thinking is actually hurting us not helping us.

    • jbrony

      And your way of thinking will allow ‘accidents’ to keep happening. You can’t prevent a deer from jumping in front of your vehicle, but you can prevent someone from being shot by being a responsible gun owner. This wasn’t an accident, this was negligence and complacency. And before you label me, I strongly believe in the Second Ammendment, belong to the NRA, and have quite a few firearms that I use for hunting, recreation, and protection. Surprisingly, none of them have ever gone off by ‘accident’.

  • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

    Well there is a couple of ways to look at this, one is, NEVER EVER play with any kind of weapon. 2: did this person know about the bullet being in there? If not, than it was an accident, However, there’s got to be responsible people that touch guns, and so far, i haven’t witnessed anyone that knows how.

    • CaptainMerica234

      If my gun is on me… It’s being used.. Not physically, but I much rather have it on me just incase.. The difference is I know how to use mine safely and also know its not a toy for some “demonstration.”

      But then again accidents happen.. You should always expect this going to a gun show.. No reason to start taking rights away.. especially since the whole world has been at war for thousands of years(excluding canada.. Not very good role models we are…)

    • jbrony

      Pay no attention to the libtards MDOG, their brains can’t comprehend logic if it doesn’t come from their messiah or if CNN doesn’t tell them.

      • Warlock

        Seven people were shot this morning in New Orleans in an argument between two people.

        By your logic, they were statistically more likely to get into their cars and try to kill each other. Which anyone else can see is a pretty stupid idea.

      • mdog

        JBRONY you know it brother CNN is their “Big Brother” (1984 movie)
        i have far to many friends killed in car crashes and not one accidental death by firearm.
        Car co. commercials even teach the kids vehicles are made to be toys and show dangerous
        driving attitude in their commercials.Personally i think many are designed like death traps not safer today than 30 years ago. Just look at the stats.

  • jhosk

    If my mother were still alive, she would say that vendor is a simple Simon. I would have to agree. This action on his part is unforgiveable. No excuses. Signs were clearly posted that no guns at the show were to contain rounds. The dude should be sanctioned severely, but you know he won`t be. He`ll receive a slap on the wrist. Perhaps the embarrassment of the incident will serve a heavy toll on his psyche. Let`s hope so.

  • Garben

    This guy teaches and instructs proper gun use? He’s obviously been lying on the FFL forms where it asks if your mentally retarded

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