Dentist’s License Temporarily Suspended

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MONTOURSVILLE -- For the second time this month, the state is accusing a dentist in our area of improper practices in keeping his instruments properly sterilized.

The first was a dentist from Shamokin. Now a dentist from Lycoming County faces similar accusations.

A report from the Pennsylvania Department of State details the reasons Dr. David Clouser of Montoursville got his license temporarily suspended by the Department of Health.

According to this report, the dentist admits to not properly sterilizing equipment. Now his current and former patients are encouraged to get tested for life-threatening diseases.

There was no answer at the office of Dr. David Clouser.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health temporarily suspended the dentist's license after an investigation shows he did not follow appropriate infection control procedures.

The report shows Dr. Clouser admitted that he and his staff do not send out samples for biological spore testing which assures sterilization is taking place. The report says Clouser does not know when his instruments were last tested. Clouser also admitted he has not been sterilizing metal impression trays or dental tools.

Even so, some of his patients say they don't believe it.

"When you sat in that chair did you ever feel that things weren't sterile?" "No, not at all," said Bryan Dunlop of Montoursville.

Dunlop says Dr. Clouser has been his dentist his whole life.

"The dentist has been my friend for a long time, since I was a kid. He's been to my wedding. He's a very nice gentleman, So I can't believe that any of this is even happening."

The Department of Health recommends former and current patients of Dr. Clouser get tested for Hepatitis B, C and HIV as a precautionary measure. The patients we spoke with say they refuse to do that.

"Nope," said Dunlop. "I trust him."

The Department of State says Clouser's license is up to date and his office is located in the lower level of his house.

He claims to have closed his office, but some of his patients tell Newswatch 16 he is still practicing and Department of State officials say earlier this month Clouser would not let them inside to inspect his office.

A representative for the Department of Health says they have not received any reports of illness or disease transmission as of Friday.

Patients of Dr. Clouser are encouraged to call 1-877-PA-HEALTH Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Brad Green

    If he knowingly put lives in danger, as a medical professional, he should absolutely be punished according to the law. However, as a former patient who is only former because I moved away long ago, Dr. Clouser did not partake in the healthcare scams I’ve found in every other dentist’s office that contribute greatly to the problems with our system and make quality healthcare unaffordable for many people. At 21, I went to a dentist in Pittsburgh, they wanted to take nearly all my molars out and replace with crowns. That didn’t happen. At 25, I went to another office who wanted to give me an outrageous number of fillings after an x-ray. That didn’t happen. I went back to Dr. Clouser while on a visit to see my parents after I saw the last dentist who wanted to give me all the fillings…Dr. Clouser pressed on those same areas that showed in my x-ray, all of which I had since I was in my early teens. He said there was no reason to drill and fill, they were all still stable. I am now 40 years old, and have not had any more dental procedures in roughly 20 years. Prior to this news, I was still considering going back to the only dentist that I found who didn’t believe in taking advantage of his customers and the money available from insurance with unnecessary procedures. If you have any tact, please don’t post any distasteful jokes about his beliefs in unnecessary sterilization procedures. I would also consider Dr. Clouser a friend who, if all of this is true, made some very poor choices. I would also like to believe whatever led to those decisions involved good intentions.

  • Ruth Jones Wiest

    I had been a friend and patient of Dave’s since the early 80s until 2007 area. He is a wonderful man and it is sad that this has happened. Never thought his instruments were unsanitized at any point. He was always good to me and would refer me to a specialist if a procedure was reqired. Before judging Dave we need to have all the facts. If you feel you need to be tested then by all means have the tests done. I wish him well.

  • Garben

    Lol “arch Stanton comment” I about crapped a brick laughing at the toothless meth heads the other week in shamokin when the other dentist got busted . These people being interviewed only went to him because he accepted welfare insurance and for what reason they went is beyond me as I didn’t see a tooth in any of their mouths I guess shamokin is the new west virginia

    • Linda

      He is a nice person.. I went to him way back for a few years but ended up leaving because I was having a lot of problems with the work he did. FIllings would fall out, my gums started to bleed even thought I was brushing and flossing regularly. I went to a new dentist and she did a complete work over on my teeth.. Extensive gum cleaning, xrays , new fillings and bondings.. Now my teeth are in good shape no thanks to Dr. C.. A nice man doesn’t always make a good dentist.. Sorry!!!!!..

  • spike

    When he started his practice he would put a filling in at 2pm and it would fall out at 5pm and he always had an excuse. His procedure rooms were cluttered up from the last patient, so this doesn’t surprise me. I cant believe he is still or shall I say was practicing.

  • Greg B.

    Gee, with a sign that nice outside of his office, what could go wrong?!?
    Oh and:
    “Department of State officials say earlier this month”
    Um, actually they SAID earlier this month. I’ve had enough of this – I’m drafting a letter right now to the Parent Company (Tribune Broadcasting) with screenshots attached.

    • Nonny

      The sign used to be at the end of the driveway out by the road so you could locate him, like any business or medical office that doesn’t sit right along the street.
      And you might want to check with someone who actually understands English grammar before you criticize again. The sentence is correct: Department of State officials say earlier this month Clouser would not let them inside to inspect his office. “Department of State officials” is the subject (not “are” the subject. There is only one subject in this sentence.) The verb is “say.” The entire clause “earlier this month Clouser would not let them inside to inspect his office” is the direct object of the verb “say” telling us what, exactly they say.

  • how2changemylife

    I love that people are saying “No I won’t get tested, I trust him. He is a lovely man. Came to our wedding.” Um…people, he admitted it. He said he didn’t properly sterilize his instruments. I don’t care how nice he is, he put you in a terrible position and now you could have AIDS among other life-threatening diseases. Wake up! Your life is literally on the line.

    • Nonny

      He is a lovely man. I’m still getting tested. I stopped going to him after three visits because I realized his practice wasn’t up to standard. I think he retired before he actually stopped seeing patients.

  • Ryan

    WNEP: ”The state is accusing a dentist in our area of improper practices in keeping his instruments properly sterilized….”
    LOL! You mean IMPROPERLY? I would hope he wouldn’t get suspended for having them properly sterilized….

    • Regina Weir

      The sentence is correct as written. He’s being accused of improper practices. “In keeping his instruments properly sterilized” refers to the practices, it is not what he’s accused of.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    As a pretend doctor I’d like to state that the five second rule applies to medical instruments the same as it does food.

    • nonny

      LOL Dr. J??? The five-second rule only applies to dry stuff, not wet, icky stuff like blood, saliva, and puss from abscessed teeth (They did a study). Seriously, though, he is a lovely man and probably a wonderful grandpa, just not a dentist I would ever go back to.

  • nonny

    Just because he’s a nice guy doesn’t mean he can’t be lazy and unprofessional, or maybe just too old to be practicing. The last time I was to his office, he didn’t even glove up. That was the LAST time I went to his office, too. I already have a new dentist, but I’m being tested. I wish Dr. Clouser the best, because he is a very nice man, but I hope he decides to quit his practice.

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