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Old Playground Torn Down in Marshalls Creek

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Crews started tearing down a playground in Monroe County to make way for something new.

The work is being done by just a few volunteers.

Sawing, hammering, and shaking, volunteers are taking down the 18-year-old Resica Community Playground in Marshalls Creek. The property behind Resica Elementary is owned by the East Stroudsburg Area School District.

"We're using screwdrivers, chainsaws, saw saws, whatever we need to be safe, to take this down, that's what we're going to use," said Karen Conway of the Resica Community Playground Committee.

This wooden playground may hold a lot of memories, but the treatment on the wood has been linked to cancer. The school district's insurance will no longer cover the playground.

So now the work begins to tear it down.

John Conway of East Stroudsburg is sawing away at the playground he grew up on.

"I remember all my memories on this playground, you know, all of my elementary years in here. It's just kind of sad to see it go," said Conway.

Once this is all cleared, it will make way for a new playground, with more swings, more slides, and better handicap access.

Stephanie Flaherty of East Stroudsburg brings her 4-year-old Liam here.

"Ever since he's been able to walk he's been playing down here so it's bittersweet. It's a nice playground but I'm excited to see what the outcome is of the new one," said Flaherty.

As volunteers use power tools to dismantle this playground, they're being extra careful to protect some plaques. They have plans to put them up in the new playground in the weeks to come.

"Everybody that was here when this playground was built is going to be up on that wall, so you know, that's cool," said Conway.

But workers say they have a long way to go before the new build begins. And they're asking for anyone with some extra time these next few days to lend a hand.

"You have elbow grease, we'll take you! It's a long road ahead," said Conway.

The new Resica Community Playground is scheduled to be built next month.

Anyone wanting to help with the playground project can contact Karen Conway at 570-807-0602.


  • sam wall

    ill always love this playground. going out for recess to go on the playground and swing on the tire swing was my favorite. im gladd i can still always think of the fun times i had there. i love you resica elementary school!

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