Teens Charged For Hitting Trucks With Rocks

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LAMAR TOWNSHIP -- Three teenagers accused of throwing rocks at tractor-trailers have been charged with aggravated assault in Clinton County.

Troopers say the teens damaged two trucks traveling on Interstate 80.

State police blame a 16 year old and two 15 year olds for damaging two rigs driving along Interstate 80 near Lamar last week.

Troopers say it happened Wednesday night near the bridge where Interstate 80 crosses over Rag Valley Road.

The teens were underneath the bridge throwing what state police describe as "large rocks" up onto the interstate.

One rock broke through the windshield of a truck.

Another truck sustained damage to the cab. Both drivers are from Ohio and were not hurt.

We spoke with other truck drivers at a rest top near Lock Haven who say this isn't the first time they've heard about someone throwing rocks at big rigs.

"It's very dangerous. I mean you know, kids are going to be kids, but you would hope they wouldn't do something like that," said George West of North Carolina.

"The impact of the falling rock could come into the windshield and kill someone," said Julie Green Nesbit of Mississippi.

All three of the teenagers have been charged with aggravated assault for endangering those truck drivers. They are in the Centre County juvenile detention center.



    • Rebekah Lotfipour

      My father has been a truck driver for 30 years and still is! He has a wife, 3 children, 2 children in law, 3 grand children and I will be having the 4th any day now. How devastating it would be for me and our family if something terrible happened to him or if he were killed by a careless idiot doing such an awful thing!!!

  • Bob

    Maybe if there was something more exciting, or better to do in luzerne county, people wouldn’t be doing stuff like this. especially in hazleton, there is nothing but car lots and gas stations. it sucks here.

    • MWM

      For real?!?!? I just said some imbecilic local would give this lame excuse and you didn’t disappoint! Some other bunch of losers raised by wolves did the same thing in white deer township and the woman has life threatening injuries and all you can say YOU MORON is that IF these kids had something to do they wouldn’t be throwing rocks at vehicles from overpasses. How about these things to do; read a book, get a job, volunteer, join a youth group, do chores at home, learn to grow food in a vegetable garden…the list is endless if someone has HALF a brain..guess that’s the REAL problem around here.. some people don’t even have half that!

  • D

    The idea of creating “chain gangs” is becoming more appealing. Make these kids pick up trash along the interstates all Summer!

  • Me

    Someone should tie these kids to a tree and let the truck drivers throw rocks at them.
    Little punks. Their parents are probably bigger losers than their dumb kids.

  • MWM

    One could only hope that the parents of these disruptive dysfunctional delinquents will render discipline in addition to the disciplinary actions imposed by the law. It’s the only way they will ever learn. At lease if we do our job as parents and they still make bad choices; it’s on them. It’s not like these kids didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. Pretty stupid and shows a lack of conscience as well as conscientiousness. I think destructive behavior such as this falls outside the lines of “the kids will be kids” mantra.
    And before some pathetic whiner starts with the “there’s nothing for kids to do” wailing; one can read something, learn something, clean something, make something, exercise, and so on. These kids are all minors so it is up to the parents whether they are at work or not to make sure their kids keep our of trouble by staying occupied or just plain stay out of trouble period and stop looking for excuses for these kind of trouble-makers.

  • Brian Snyder

    The teens were underneath the bridge throwing what state police describe as “large rocks” up onto the interstate. Throwing the large rocks UP and they still had enough force to go up even father and through the windshield. Something isn’t right with this story or those kids had arms like Gorgeous George

    • MWM

      Well if they were under and throwing them they must’ve been like flailing them the way you skip stones on the water kinda sideways? They’re lucky if this was the case one didn’t come flying back in their face a-la-Goliath..

  • Karen

    Several years ago my daughter, her friend, and myself were traveling at night heading west on Route 84. We went under the overpass just before the Greentown exit while following a tractor trailer. Suddenly, a rock came crashing through the windshield and hit my daughter (the driver) in the shoulder (an inch from her head). The shards of glass were everywhere and especially in her eyes. The noise sounded like a gunshot and she began screaming immediately. I grabbed the steering wheel to guide her off the road and yelled hit the brake. We were able to stop on the shoulder. We continued to think it was a gunshot since the noise was so loud and out of nowhere. The tractor trailer stopped just ahead of us on the exit ramp since he was hit as well. She continued to scream in pain until we were able to rinse her eyes with the water we had in the car. We called for help but the 1st responders and the police that arrived were never able to find anybody responsible. While her friend and myself were uninjured, my daughter was taken to the emergency room to have the glass shards removed. This could have been much much worse if the rock was one inch to the right. I am sure if the pranksters that may be reading this realized the potential disaster they could have caused, they may seek their entertainment elsewhere.

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