The Great Race Makes Pit Stop at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- It was quite a spectacle for car lovers Monday in East Stroudsburg. About 100 cars built before the 1970s made a pit stop at East Stroudsburg University as part of The Great Race.

Rolling into East Stroudsburg University were classic cars 50, 60, 70 years old, and some more than 100. It's all part of a road rally called "The Great Race." It started in Maine this past Saturday and ends Sunday in Florida.

"The Great Race is a timed event speed rally, so we are on time all the time," said Doug Sharp of Freeport, New York.

Sharp has been helping navigate this road rally with his father for 23 years.

Each day, about 100 teams start at one-minute intervals and have to drive from one place to another using only certain tools.

"Our speedometer in the car, our time of day clock, and our instructions tell us exactly where to go and exactly how to do that," said Sharp.

And forget using GPS or maps, only these directions are allowed.

Even though this is called The Great Race, these cars are actually penalized if they get in too early; the goal for drivers is to come in exactly on time.

Rookie navigator Charlie Campbell has yet to drive a perfect day.

"Oh no, not on the dot. I think the closest we've come is two minutes and twenty seconds or something, that's the closest we've got so far," said Charlie Campbell of Seattle, Washington.

Local car enthusiasts lined the street to watch the teams roll in, impressed with what these cars can do.

"I like to look at what they've done to them to make them more reliable for a trip like this because a lot of these cars normally wouldn't make it 100 miles," said Frank Ralls of Hawley.

Others look for the standout teams.

"You find the little ace sticker on the car, which means they hit the time right on the nose for that day. I can't believe that some of these people can do that," said Ed Moor of Hawley.

Drivers say although they hit plenty of bumps along the road, The Great Race is the best adventure they'll ever have.