Homicide Charges Filed In Wayne County Shooting Death

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HONESDALE — More serious charges were filed Monday against a man accused of shooting his niece near Waymart on Friday.

Louis Ogden, 51, of Lake Ariel was brought to the Wayne County Courthouse Monday afternoon and troopers charged him with criminal homicide.

Ogden’s niece, Rebecca Pisall, 20, died Saturday. The coroner says it was the result of a gunshot to the head.

Ogden said nothing going in or out of the courthouse.

He was originally facing a charge of attempted homicide.

Prosecutors say the shooting on Friday was over a drug deal for heroin.

“What we know is she went to that house, she stated something about a bag of heroin that she had bought for $20, and the result is that Louis Ogden shot her in the head,” said Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards.

Prosecutors withdrew the attempted homicide charge against Ogden.

He is now locked up without bail in Wayne County.


  • Russell

    I went to school with her and she was my best friends neighbor…never thought this would ever happen to her…she was so quiet and reserved while i lived there…never really did anything to get in trouble…its a shame. Just goes to show that anybody can get themselves caught in anything. Her uncle deserves no mercy.

  • Garben

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