Shooting Victim Dead, Uncle Accused of Pulling Trigger

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SOUTH CANAAN TOWNSHIP-- A Wayne County woman died Saturday after her uncle allegedly shot her in the head on Friday.

After his arrest, court papers show that Louis Ogden told investigators that he pointed his gun at his niece, Rebecca Pisall, to scare her, then pulled the trigger.

Friday night, he had no comment as he was led away following his arraignment at the State Police barracks near Honesdale.

At the time, Ogden was charged with attempted homicide because Pisall was still in critical condition. Charges could be upgraded following her death on Saturday.

Pisall, 20, lived across the street from her uncle on Daniels Road in South Canaan Township.

According to court papers, the day before, Ogden said he went to Philadelphia and bought 30 packets of heroin and later sold one to his niece for $20.

Prosecutors said the shooting took place after she later returned to her uncle's home claiming he ripped her off.

John Klimczak lives down the road from Ogden.  He said he knows Ogden's mother and father and is stunned at what took place.

"I have known them for all my life. He is a very respected, very dedicated, and hard working individual. I know the mom, too. They are all originally from here," said Klimczak.

Despite the circumstances of Pisall's death, her neighbor Teresa Maximov remembers the victim as sweet person who loved animals, especially reptiles. She said that, just two weeks ago, Pisall mowed her lawn to thank her for being kind.

Kenneth West sees the death as a sign that, even in the quiet countryside, drugs are a serious problem.

"Look at the people breaking into houses and everything, for drugs. That is wrong," said West.

Klimczak said he hopes that perhaps the young woman's death will have an impact.

"I hope something is learned by this tragedy, that we can put a stop to this," said Klimczak.


  • RS

    My uncle, was an addict of heroin. In my home town in PA that stuff runs rampid. But I came home from Afghanistan and all my things he let me store at his house was gone, sold for Money. He lost a beautiful house, lost his good paying job, lost family. He went through drug rehab and cut all friends out of his life. Now he is fully recovered, doesn’t have any cravings, its all on the user if they truely want to quit and take that extra mile to get a better life. I believe all drug users have 1 chance to get clean. If they get caught up in it again I believe they should either be put to hard labor or be put to death.

  • Protected

    This is not a maniac or a psychopath or a gun nut. This is Heroin. This is a man that I grew up knowing as “Uncle Lou”, even though we are not related. I feel aweful for this family. The Accused shooters parents have always been very involved in the church, community and have invested alot for the welfare of their children and grand children. Lou and his father are well known mechanics that have have been helping ther area farmers keep their farm equipment running and in business. The Ogden family would give the shirts off their backs to anyone that needed one. Heroin takes lives. Once you’re on it, you NEVER get off of it. There’s nothing anyone can do. I know way too many folks affected by it now, and it seems that it’s only going to get worse. My prayers go out to the Ogden and Pisall families. These families do not deserve to be going through this.

    • ash

      sorry to say this but he is one sick man he should have been locked up many many years ago! I don’t care what any one says! he has killed more than one person before, threatened many and attempted to kill my own father!! I hope this man rotts in hell!

    • I Know What You and Your Family Have Done

      Lest us all not forget, that Jerry Sandusky, was also well respected in the State College Community. He wasn’t a good person, and neither are the Ogden’s. Say what you want, but the victims of Louis Ogden’s crimes, know who he is… and his family knows who he is too, since they are the ones using their “well respected” background to cover it up. You insult every victim when you excuse his conduct with his family’s position in the community. Lou Ogden is a sociopathic homicidal freak who is FINALLY where he belongs 25 years after he killed Randy Rollison and 16 years after he shot another man in the chest. You reap what you sow.

    • MWM

      “This is not a maniac or a psychopath or a gun nut. This is Heroin.” And heroin made him into a maniacal-guntoting-psychopath. Just because he decided to become a major loser doesn’t mean his entire family are losers. But this guy should just die for what he did, and it’s not the first time apparently, What a waste. Lead him in the sinners prayer then and lights out! He is this old and still using? Fuggeddahbowditt. No one told him to put the needle in his arm. It’s all very sad and too bad but he is a major loser. She had a chance at changing her situation, maybe misery loves company? The devil wants to take as many as he can with him when he goes down! What idiot points a gun at their niece’s head as a joke to scare her? The guy is a horror show.

  • gail

    wow this is sad that people have to do this for drugs .. I hope that he get what is coming to him for this taking a life ..

  • ME

    If you ask me, these two are idiots. A grown man buying heroin and has no guilt about even giving it to a family member.
    She probably thought that because she’s family, maybe she deserved a discount. Pathetic, all the way around, if you ask me.

  • Patt

    There is no punishment for any crimes committed these days. If you get sent to prison you get more than the hardworking American. Free health care, college……

    • jo

      you dont have all the facts you dont get free health care in prison or college the only schooling they have is ged and hoe to sew shirts. this shooting is horrible for all involved .

  • Brian

    I know it goes against popular belief, but if all drugs were legal, this probably wouldn’t have happened.. Yes, I said all drugs…

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      Brian, it’s difficult for people to grasp that concept, because it just doesn’t SEEM right. It really is the truth though. It’s the fact that these drugs are illegal that causes most of the crime. The prices are driven much higher because of the risk involved in manufacturing, transporting, and selling. People steal and do stupid crap because of the high prices. This was proven perfectly, during the prohibition of alcohol, when organized crime exploded, and became very wealthy. The same thing is happening today with drugs. The Mexican Cartels would not have the power they have, if drugs weren’t illegal. There are even thousands of law enforcement officers who say the same thing. They even formed their own group to raise awareness. It’s called LEAP, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. People should look that up, if they have the time. It’s very interesting. Different countries around the world saw a huge decrease in crime, and even drug use itself, when they adopted policies of decriminalization or legalization. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but that is actually a better way to fight this war on drugs, because it works.

      • MWM

        I fully understand this point of view but some questions still remain. Even if these drugs become legal, how do the addicts pay for them when they cannot hold jobs to pay for them because they’re addicts?

  • mdog

    They are everywhere first its pot then this and that…execute all hard core drug dealers they kill our kids.

    • MWM

      While this is true in poor neighborhoods and “common” in large cities; I have seen more of that around here than I ever saw in my hometown of millions. Maybe they’re just easier to spot here. If the parents aren’t using here, they’re experts at covering it up for their kids rather than holding them responsible. As for the older addicts? Toss them in prison since there aren’t enough rehab centers where they hold you but a week anyway. The system should give the dealers stiffer and longer sentences, leave the addicts in a mandatory 6 months which is the minimum for any hope of a successful clean-up, lock the sex-offenders away for life, and concentrate on rehabbing non-violent criminals and release them back into society. The prisons are supposed to keep the criminals out of the general population!

  • burtfan

    What is this about he’s killed two or three times before? If that were the case he would’nt be a free man. Where’s this info coming from?

  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    What a j erk! This loser doesn’t deserve to live if he can’t even follow the FIRST, and most important, rule of firearm safety. How many times do we have to repeat it? Most of us “gun nuts” learn as children, “NEVER POINT A FIREARM AT ANYTHING YOU DON’T INTEND TO KILL!”…whether it be loaded, unloaded, or even if it’s not operable. Hell, I was taught not to even point my TOY guns at anyone. Most of us responsible gun owners had this drilled into our heads from the moment we could go shooting with dad, grandpa, or whoever. Dirt balls like this do not deserve life, especially now that a family has lost such a young woman. It’s sickening!

    • MWM

      True that! There was still hope for this young woman, addict or not! This guy should never get out and IF he does someone should put a bullet in his head.

    • JP

      That is true about not pointing a gun at something you don’t intend to kill. However, this was not an accident! As per the statement, he intended to scare her and then pulled the trigger – i.e. he had intention! He deserves the chair plan and simple, and their will be one less person making the rest of us whom are responsible grouped in with someone like him.

    • Cletus

      To me he was a fine man, exercising his right to bear arms. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Death is a little sad, but life with a gun = god’s will.

    • jhosk

      Where did that notion come from? What evidence is there he killed before? I don`t believe that. I know Louis, and this alleged action on his part is reprehensible, but please do not attribute false allegations to the suspect.

    • Helen

      That’s over simplifying things… It also could have been avoided if he didn’t rip her off. It also could have been avoided if the gun weren’t loaded. It also could have been avoided if he missed. It also could have been avoided if either of them wasn’t born. The fact of the matter is he’s either an idiot who doesn’t know the first rule of guns, or it wasn’t an accident.

      • jhosk

        He worked in a gun shop for several years, and you can be certain he knew plenty about firearms. That`s the name of that tune.

  • Gail Yanick

    He killed two or three times now. What is it going to take to stop this maniac. I think the death penalty ia in order asap.

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