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Animal Sanctuary Needs Help with Repairs

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MEHOOPANY -- An animal sanctuary in Wyoming County is in need of some repairs.

The Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany sits on an 100-year-old dairy farm and years of harsh Pennsylvania winters have taken their toll.

One horse shed is missing two walls!

"The shed that you saw, the electrical system is taxed to beyond the maximum, the water system actually froze this winter," said Indra Lahiri, the founder of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

Since the sanctuary is a non-profit organization, volunteers started a fundraiser to help with the repair costs.

"We're looking to raise $108,864," said Lahiri.

Damage around the sanctuary like the hole in the horse and mule shed is just one reason why the non-profit organization wanted to start a fundraiser. They're also looking to take in more animals.

"We understand we can never save them all, but we know we can take in a lot more," said Lahiri.

But the sanctuary doesn't just want animals, they want to get kids here learn of course!

"We're making an educational center that specifically focuses on art programs, so the kids can up and do art programs, painting, sculpting, stuff like that," said Johnny Braz, a volunteer at the sanctuary.

It's not just for grade school students.

Marywood University architecture students have helped design several new buildings in Wyoming County, like a pig house and a new chicken coop.

"They do a lot of research, they do a lot of precedents, and they ultimately have to think outside of the box, literally," said Kate O'Connor, an associate professor at Marywood University.

The founder said a large portion of that money raised will go to educating kids of all ages.

"We want to do more of that work and give more kids the opportunity, especially those who never get to be on a farm, be outside, and experience something like this," said Lahiri.

You can click here if you want to donate to the sanctuary.

The founder of the sanctuary also said that new volunteers are always welcomed.

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