Woman Charged With Assault On Police Officer

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STROUDSBURG -- Kicking and slapping a police officer outside a bar in Monroe County has led to assault charges against a woman, according to police.

It happened around 2 a.m. Sunday outside a bar on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

According to court papers, Samantha Acevedo, 23, of Bushkill hit a police officer when they tried to arrest her brother.

Acevedo faces several counts of assault and disorderly conduct.


  • DB

    23???? My God look at her complexion and those bags under her eyes. I sure hope she doesn’t have a meth or heroin problem. Regardless, she looks like she is 35. Another solid upstanding citizen.

  • JolhnnieReb

    So you believe you have the right to assault a cop for whatever reason? Well good then you get what’s coming to you in fines, jail time and publicity regarding your character. Nobody has the right to assault another person and being drunk in a bar doesn’t give you that right. So grow up and if you can’t handle alcohol responsibly than you need to stop drinking altogether. I’m sure this officer had a good reason to arrest this a** and I’m sure someone called the police because of this guys behavior. Lock em both up with 3 month in the clinker and a 500.00 fine each and they’ll think twice about doing this again…

  • Me

    Who cares. Lock em all up. Hit a cop for whatever reason, you’re going to jail. Probably wouldn’t serve no more alcohol at 2am. There is a law that bars must adhere to.
    Kicking and screaming. Really. What is she,….5 yrs old
    Unfortunately some people think they are ABOVE the law like this one here

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