Sexual Assault Investigation in Bradford County

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  • qwerty

    pedophiles are like bisexual/homosexuals..they can’t help it…but being attracted to little kids and actually physically raping them is a whole different level, definitely disturbed

  • Melissa Ferro

    Sick people. That poor kid will have that in the back of her mind for the rest of her life.. So sad :(

  • Jody Yates

    Really…..what is seriously wrong with people that can do this especially to children this age!!! It is not good at any age but seriously what do these perverts see in doing this to innocent little kids!! That Hanging Tree needs to come back!! Seriously can’t they find someone their own age to mess with not to mention I’m sure there are many hookers or whatever that they could do this stuff with! Seriously what is a 5 yr old going to do for them…..SICK!!! DISTURBED!! I know that there are many of these people around but it seems like if it isn’t drugs/drug usage then it’s this around Bradford County and surrounding counties. Shame Shame….what is going on with this world anymore…smh.


    Te świnie muszą być wykastrowany co robią! Każdą świnię, która robi to do innego niewinnego człowieka musi być wykastrowany natychmiast! Im zabrać ich chęć kastrowac!

  • Snshn

    Seriously! Another child. I wonder why I’m not surprised anymore.
    I’m amazed at how many of these perverts there are between Lack., Luzerne, Wyoming, & Bradford Counties.
    It really is a shame that the old Hanging Tree had been removed from Lack. Co.
    A five year old. What in Gods Name do these people see in someone so young?
    It’s no wonder that people are leaving the area with their families.
    Absolutely disgusted.

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