Worker Charged For Allegedly Urinating In Water System

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BRANCH TOWNSHIP — A Schuylkill County municipal worker is facing charges for allegedly urinating into a filter at a water treatment plant.

State police say the incident happened in April at the Indian Run water treatment plant south of Minersville.

Paul Herb, 52, of Mar Lin has been charged with vandalism, criminal mischief, and tampering with a public water system.


  • Donna Jenkins

    Is this sickening or what? I hope the ‘atta-boy’s’ were worth it because your pissing will follow you. Idiot.

  • V. Wichonski

    Jeśli robi to w starym kraju z którym jestem od został złapany, kara będzie odciąć jego moczu co Państwa! Kary dla świń jak to powinno być wyłączone z ich męskość! Jeśli mocz w wodzie pitnej Narodów, to co ty zasługiwać na Kotlet schabowy!

  • uncle stosh

    I remember that yokle Rick from Throop (A legend from the ole Rocky Glenn days) did that and we all got a memo saying that there r cameras watching. Idiots.

  • Momof2

    What kind of sicko does something like that? I, too, hope your IP gets reported and charges are filed on you, you pig!

  • Len

    That is only one urination event. Test a local pool for urine. How many times do your kids get a mouthful?

  • ryry

    Only a true disgusting, dirt bag would say something so foul.
    I hope wnep reports your ip to the police and you get arrested just for saying that.

  • Me

    Why not take a dump in it too ?? Wow. The mentality of some people is so absolutely astonishing !!!!!

    Gee. No toilet, huh ??
    How long has that been going on and how many others have done it.

    The whole entire crew should be fired ! Immediately ! All shifts. All supervisors and all management. Pigs !

    • toddreeder

      There are plenty of unemployed people to take their place. I bet they don’t get much punishment because that’s the way courts do things.

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