UPDATE: Man Accidentially Shot in Head at Surprise Birthday Party

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MONTOURSVILLE - State troopers in Lycoming County are investigating an early-morning shooting at a party on Weldon Street.

Authorities told Newswatch 16 that Cody Gorsline, 24, Williamsport was flown to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville with life-threatening injuries.

Police said Gorsline was shot in the head around 2 a.m.

Troopers said Gorsline died from his injuries Monday.

Police say the victim had come to Derek Gair's home for Gair's surprise birthday party and that the two men went into an upstairs bedroom so that Gair could show Gorsline a gun.

According to police Gorsline was shot in the head as both men were handling the gun.

Kim Navich lives nearby and told Newswatch 16 that she and her son were leaving to buy Father’s Day cards when she heard something strange.

“We heard people crying. We heard them crying down the road,” said Navich.

After learning of the shooting she said, "It could have been an accident, on account of somebody thinking it was clean and then like kids, playing around thinking the gun is empty or the safety is on.”

Gair has not been arrested but police say the case will be forwarded to the Lycoming County prosecutor for possible charges.


  • MB

    1.Treat ALL guns as they are always loaded.
    2.Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3.Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    4.Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

  • JP

    Who throws a birthday party at 2 in the morning with only two dudes? And the witness to crying was on the way to buy a Father’s Day card…..that is one devoted kid. Make sure your gun is empty prior to handling it beyond checking the chamber. Sorry, to the family that lost a loved one but neither person was using their heads on this one; at least not responsibly. Of course I am sure some see it as the guns fault. People do stupid #&!* all the time, shouldn’t be an objects fault. We don’t blame the car that killed someone, typically just the person at the wheel who was drunk or high.

    • The Voice

      I think its simply a very tragic terrible accident, and none of us have the right to judge right or wrong.. Only God can do that. You weren’t there so you wont ever really know what happened will you now? RIP Cody! God bless

      • JP

        It is a terrible accident, but one that was very easily avoidable. Make sure your guns are unloaded, plain and simple. I didn’t mean to judge anyone, but I do know that the gun was obviously loaded and neither of them checked the chamber!! And yes accidents happen, but I’ve never pointed a gun at my own head or anyone elses regardless of anything being in the chamber. Manuals that come with guns always state, make sure the gun is empty prior to handling and always point in a safe direction. Many accidents with firearms can be avoided simply by following those two recommendations. And my condolences to the families and friends that lost someone that they LOVE.

      • MWM

        Right to judge? It is what it is and our young men are so reckless anymore! We weren’t there? You don’t have to have been there to know that guns aren’t toys! DUH! SMH. Who the hell buys a Father’s Day card at 2 AM?

  • Nicole

    Both of my parents are hunters and I grew up around guns. Rule 1. was never touch a gun and Rule 2. was my parents never ever kept their guns loaded while in the house. If they did not get a deer or whatever they were hunting for they unloaded their gun before bringing it into the house. If you are looking at a gun treat it as if it is loaded and never ever point a gun at yourself or someone else. This is such a terrible thing that happened to this young kid.

  • JoelCZ

    First rules of gun safety, treat all guns as if they are loaded, check and recheck to make sure the dang thing is empty.. What is wrong with these morons????

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