“Udderly” Impossible? Not for Meanie, Miney and Mo

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PINE GROVE -- It may seem "Udderly" Impossible, but a farm in Schuylkill County is now home to a set of triplet calves!

"They are Meanie, Miney, Mo," said Maddie Daubert, a worker at Windmill Farm.

The three baby heifers -female cows - were born on June 2 in Pine Grove.

The Daubert family owns Windmill Dairy farm and they said the triplets were a bit of a surprise.

"I found too many feet for one calf," said Dennis Daubert who helped deliver the calves.

The baby cows are a little smaller than average, which is normal for multiple births.

The owners said Meanie, Miney, and Mo are perfectly healthy.

"I'm happy that we had it, I guess we're lucky. The odds weren't good enough to buy a lottery ticket though, those odds are much higher," said Dennis Daubert.

The fact that the three calves born at the Schuylkill County is rare enough, but add on that they're all heifers and all still living,  That's nearly impossible.

"About 25 percent of triplets actually survive. So that means that our triplets here on are the farm are about one in 8 million," said Maddie Daubert.

Windmill farm is home to about 400 cows, so if you think these mini celebrities at the Schuylkill County farm are getting special treatment...think again.

"Yup, just another one to feed," said Andrew Daubert.

Since the calves are all heifers, when they reach age two, they will become fertile and aid in the farms dairy production.

As for mama cow, the farmers are keeping a close eye on her but expect her to be just fine.


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