Woman Who Abandoned Dogs Sentenced

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    You have to be a real low-life to abuse an animal or a child… the creatures that can’t defend themselves against us. I hope Karma gets her 100 times as hard, than what she did to those poor animals.

  • Sandra Cherkauskas

    This scum bag deserves the same fate as she gave to those animals. Beautiful animals and “hats off” to the SPCA and rescue people for getting the ones that survived the care and rehabilitation they needed. I adopted one of them and this dog is now living the life of a royalty! Time and patience has helped this dog blossom into a loving and super smart companion for our other pet and family! Rescue a Pet!!!!!!

  • Fast Eddie

    Truer words were never spoken. But be careful.
    Just like you, I was blinded but her beuty.It was a magical time.
    Then, just like her dogs, she abandoned me.Emotionally.

  • Ridiculous

    Lmao!!!! She look delicious I seen that comment and about died laughing. But anyways I can’t stand these ppl that do these things to helpless animals like seriously if u can’t care for them or whatever then don’t have them, and if u have to leave them atleast find them new homes or something, that’s awful that some of them were left and died, I been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, I just hate to see these things happen. Poor things.

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