“I forgive the guy for what he did” – Cab Driver Shot In Robbery

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WILLIAMSPORT -- For the first time we are hearing from a cab driver who was shot on the job in Williamsport. Thursday he spoke with Newswatch 16 and says he forgives the alleged shooter.

Cab driver Gene Phillips stood outside the Lycoming County Courthouse with his family. You'd never know that just a month ago he was shot. Phillips says he is on his way to a full recovery.

“I feel good,” said Phillips.

Police say Phillips was driving his cab in Williamsport in May when the passenger, Dante Washington, robbed and shot him.

“Once he shot me, I was like total blood all over me. I was in pain,” said Phillips.

Washington was cuffed walking into his preliminary hearing, which was later rescheduled. Phillips came to the court house for the hearing.

“I forgive the guy for what he did, but justice needs to be served,” said Phillips.

Police said Phillips helped police identify Washington. Phillips says he remembers the early morning he was shot; that Washington demanded money, and told Philips, "I want it all."

“I said 'what?' I turned around to look. That's when he shot me. He didn't give me any time to do anything,” Phillips recalled.

His family says Phillips is a walking miracle.

“The power of prayer works. You see it for yourself. You see how good he is doing,” said his sister Dawn Phillips.

The family says they are having a hard time forgiving the suspected shooter.

“Yeah, I can't really say what I would say to him. It wouldn't be nice,” said Dawn Phillips.

Washington's family was also at the courthouse. They say Washington is not guilty. Phillips is scheduled for another surgery. He says he is not sure if he will continue cab driving once he has completely recovered.


  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    C’mon Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ! Look at what a good man this FORGIVING Cab Driver is ! Where are you and Jesse to come in and say this scum was wrong for shooting this good man ??? You were all there for Trayvon, but you never said a word about the 16 year old Cab Murdering Low Life in Scranton last month, who was Black killing a White, then tell the victims family to the reporter “F ‘ em !” nd you do not come in and say this is a good man, and the shooter was wrong to do this in Williamsport ! Sorry Al and Jesse you have 0 Credibility with me, if your for blacks that is great, but chastise them when they are wrong also, and I and others will respect you more, your just 1 sided you and Jesse, always feel sorry for the black victim of a white but NEVER condemn the actions of Black on White Violence like this and Scranton, that I have seen ! FAIR IS FAIR and when WRONG IS WRONG, you point it out to your race, Black or White !

  • anonymous

    Gene is my mom’s uncle. It’s was so deviating to us all when we heard about what happened. His brother passes four weeks before Eugene got shot and two weeks after his brother passed, his brother’s wife passed.

  • Fratboy

    They’re all fine Christian boys. He was probably leaving church and heading for the pickle ball courts when he found a gun on the ground and was trying to give it to the cabbie when it went off. This good Christian boy decided to leave the cab and continue his spiritual journey to Memorial Park, so as not to miss the prayer meeting prior to the pickle ball tourney. Can I get an amen from the congregation?

  • SICK OF IT !

    So sick of these low life pigs ! Go Back to Philly, NJ and NY you low life menaces to Society ! That 16 Year old Black kid in Scranton Shot and Killed that Cab Driver and told the reported concerning the the Dead Cab Drivers family, “F’em”
    Shooting working folks you bums ! We don’t care about your sob story either ! Grew up in projects, don’t know who Daddy is, even if you did find out probably serving lengthy sentence in jail ! This does not give you the right to shoot good people who do NOTHNG to you ! Be better than what you came from ! It can be done, lots of people have !

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