Pal: “Put yourself in a haunted house and the guy with the chainsaw is behind you.”

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SCRANTON -- The prosecution has rested in the murder trial of Neil Pal, and first on the stand for the defense was Neil Pal himself.

He told the Lackawanna County jury he had no idea Frank Bonacci was going to be shot.

Scranton Police zeroed in on Neil Pal as one if the suspects for Frank Bonacci's murder and then went to pick him up for a final interview only hours after Pal left Bonacci's viewing last July.

Detective James Pappas testified that Pal was confident when he came in to the interview room wearing a suit from the viewing with an orange ribbon on his lapel. The color orange covered Lackawanna County when Frank Bonacci was missing and shortly after his death.

But Pal told police, "I'm sick of the whole Frankie thing. I'm upset that I lost one of my best friends. I'm more upset everyone thinks I had something to do with it."

Pal and his friend Jason Dominick were charged with Bonacci's murder the next morning.

The prosecution rested and then Neil Pal himself took the stand. He testified about how he remembers the party at his house the night before Bonacci's murder.

Pal testified that Dominick threatened to fight Bonacci. That's what Pal said he had in mind when he started driving Bonacci's Jeep toward Step Falls in Scranton.

With a calm voice and a straight face on the stand, Pal testified that he was shocked when Dominick shot Bonacci from behind.

Then he said, "put yourself in a haunted house and the guy with the chainsaw is behind you. Multiply that feeling, multiply it by a million."


  • Me

    I haven’t seen anything that says why Pal didn’t immediately go to police? But that tells me he knew, if he didn’t know he should have reported it right away! Not cover it up! Scumbag! He need life in prison!

  • Tony Rigatoni

    That is the life of a wiseguy.It’s always gonna be your friend, someone you trust, that puts one in the back of your head.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Are you kidding me …Pal is supposedly a college educated individual…He knew what was up the night he was driving them to the falls…an alternate site to fight…oh he knew the end was in store or Mr. Bonnacci….he is an acomplice and a co conspirator and deserves just as much as Dominick…Who actually got off lucky with 3rd degree murder….both deserve 1st degree…LIFE!!!

  • jhosk

    I agree with all the prior comments. Pal is despicable and his actions were just as egregious as those of his co-conspirator, the evil Jason Dominick. Both are more than deserving of rotting in prison. I`ve attended both trials, btw.

  • Brad

    He sounds like a sociopath when he says “I’m sick of the whole Frankie thing” like he is a victim having to answer to questions. I hope they throw the book at him.

  • Fed Up

    I am sorry , but there is just so much that does not add up in this story. Regardless if he was the one that pulled that trigger or not, he is just as guilty because if he saw what happened, he should have reported it right away! And what made it worse that he was on the search party for Frankie, went to his funeral , and even called him “his best friend”. If Frankie was his best friend , he would of done everything in his power to seek justice for him. So honestly I purely believe that this guy is just guilty as the one who pulled the trigger.

  • Amy

    They were both there, they both hid it, they both are scum, they both deserve death. Put them both in the lawn of courthouse square and let everyone stone the mf’ers til they…

  • Ann

    What a scum! Common sense negates that if you are angry ENOUGH to fight someone you don’t have your mutual friend DRIVE YOU to an “alternate location” to do so. Hope he rots he jail along w/Dominick.

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